New One Piece Film STAMPEDE coming out August 9th 2019!

Yes, just now the new One Piece Film was properly announced, with its full title this time being One Piece: STAMPEDE. The official One Piece site published some information about the upcoming movie, which was first teased at the end of the Episode of Skypiea. The movie is slated for a release of Friday, August 9th in Japanese theaters and will likely be available in Western theaters over the following months.

Here’s the preview trailer, mostly recapping previous events in the series as well as a small teaser at the end:

The official One Piece site issued this statement regarding the announcement:

“The release date of the latest ONE PIECE movie was decided to be Friday, August 9th 2019! “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE (スタンピード)” will be its title! Stampede is a word that invokes things like “outburst”, “rushing” and “running away”. As a celebration of the anime’s 20th anniversary of broadcasting, this movie will hit theaters in summer of 2019!”

Furthermore, this key visual was provided:


“What is the meaning of the straw hat flying away into the sky!? And what is that monster lying behind the debris…!? Please wait for future news!”

Couple things worth pointing out:

  • Recap features Jinbe and Vivi as Straw Hats, just as the recent Vivre Cards confirmed
  • This movie does not include “Film” attached to its title directly, they might be getting rid of that for now
  • The release is only 240 days away from now!

What do you think this movie will be about? Is it finally going to incorporate Rocks? Or is it going to be something completely separate? Speculate away!



  1. since this is Movie, the villain of this “side-story” is usually someone that unrelated in the main story. not Kaido, Big Mom or even Black Beard. so yeah, Rock (or someone who is related to him) is more suitable 🙂

    but I still confused about Timeline in each Movies. does it take place in-between Main Story Arc? in that case, this Stampede will take place before Dressrosa Arc. because all Strawhat members are available at that time. or it could be on alternative timeline where Luffy successfully saved Sanji from Big Mom but reunite with other members before reaching Wano.


  2. I like to see Gear fourth Snake-man in a movie, this is the perfect opportunity, support the idea everyone. Cause it is gonna look awesome. Imagine Luffy going gear 4th Snakeman att full power. He wasn´t att 100% versus Katakuri.


  3. Maybe is something related to the Rocks considering that “Strong World” was about Shikki who is a legend in the cannon one piece universe, as well as Rocks, are currently cannon because of the whole deal with Garp.


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