Charlotte Family: A Complete Guide (v2.1)

The recent SBS gave us a bunch of new information on the family, which means it’s time for a quick mandatory update! I’ve also made a video showcasing all 85 children of the family, so check it out if you’re interested!

The SBS gave us newfound info on Charlotte Gala, Basskarte, Noisette, Saint-Marc, Dacquoise, Katou, Anglais, Dolce, Dragée, Myukuru and Anana. Here’s the updated family tree:

Charlotte Family Complete Family Tree

One of the most interesting new pieces of information is the addition of Charlotte Gala, who we previously didn’t know who he was for up to two years! Who knew he was the bearded guy in the Enraged Army this whole time!


Also, there was another big discovery by @Nessos, who noted that in the Character Summary at the beginning of volumes it shows that the Charlotte Family members are listed chronologically, instead than by order of importance. This confirms that Amande and her sister are older than Opera and the quintuplets, making the first two 47 years old and the latter ones all 46 years old.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for future updates on other children!

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