Update: Patreon Rewards added!

A few months ago I was unsure about even opening an option for donating at all, but all the support that you have given me has allowed me to dedicate myself a lot more to the Library of Ohara and thus improve the quality of its content. A lot of people asked and suggested me to add Patreon rewards as well, so I’ve decided to offer them too. I’m still going to abide to my philosophy and prioritizing quality content above all, so this won’t be altering the way I create content for you, don’t worry, this will simply work as offering a few bonus things as rewards for those that go the extra mile to support me! The rewards are divided into four tiers:

– $1 Reward: Ask me One Piece: once a month I’ll be hosting a thread on Patreon where you can ask me any doubts, questions or mysteries you want to ask about the world of One Piece. I already try to answer to most messages I get, but this will give you preference and the ability to ask me something more complex that I just wouldn’t be able to respond to somewhere else. You can also message me on Patreon at any time of the month to ask me if you prefer it that way!

– $5 Reward: Your name at the end of every Chapter Secrets: as a thank you for the economical support, your name will be featured at the end of all Chapter Secrets. I’ll be using your Patreon username by default, so if you wish to be credited differently be sure to tell me! Previous reward is included

– $10 Reward: Exclusive Sneak Peaks: There’s many projects in which some parts are finished early on but they simply sit on my computer until I release the whole thing. This will allow you to get a sneak peak at parts of projects I’m working on before anyone else as a thank you for your support. Previous rewards are included

– $25 Reward: Request your own research: request me to make a post about something in the One Piece world, either about a specific character, location, element etc. Must be kept within reasonable demands and you must message me in order to request it (at least one month of pledge must be processed before the request is accepted)! Previous rewards are included

My Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/thelibraryofohara

If you wish you can also support me through a single payment by using paypal at the e-mail newworldartur@gmail.com

Let me know how you feel about these, I want to be sure to bring a proper balance to them. Thank you for all your support, even if you can’t afford to help me monetarily, just allowing me to do this is already by viewing my content is much appreciated 🙂


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