Chapter Secrets 51 – Chapter 851

Jeez, I forgot how exhausting it was to do this ones in full. This week, as a special treat, full-Chapter Secrets! I’m not quite back yet, but I’ll do more of these whenever I have the time and strength




  1. Excellent Job as Always! That scene with Sanji is so sad. D: Largely in part to that artwork. Oda outdid himself with the artwork in that scene. That shocked expression especially, he looks almost otherworldly.

    I too think Brook got the fish print in time. It wouldn’t help the narrative for him to have to make another attempt at it later. If he loses the fish-print, and has to retrieve it, fine. But I don’t think he’ll have to redo/finish it.

    Multi-colored feather rooster(bird)? Are we gonna see Marco again this year?!

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Sanji does get the cold, and uses it to mask his crying. “Why do you have a runny nose?” “It’s just a cold.”

    I wonder about the leg too, would that hamper his ability to swim? That’d be a big deal given he’s a Fishman. He seems to be able to do Fishman Karate all right though, so maybe it’s not a huge deal.

    Anyway glad to see you back! Look forward to your official return! 😀


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