Chapter Secrets 52 – Chapter 852

It’s Switchmas today, but I’ve still got enough time to work on Chapter Secrets!

Also, read Magi. It’s really good.

Update: Reiju could have not been affected by the drug, since Sora supposedly took it after she was born




  1. Excellent Job as Always!

    I totally missed that part with Robin’s gallery. That line’s one of my absolute favorite bits from Robin! XD

    Also, I noticed Sanji still has the Bento on him. I wonder if he’ll run into Luffy as he’s running around.

    I’ve been hearing lots of good things about Magi, I think I probably will get around to it. See you in two weeks!!


    • You’re right! That means that he either lost something else (years?) or managed to get away with it somehow (he is rebelling after all, so he might as well just ditch Big Mom’s punishment)


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