Oda’s message at Jump Festa 2022

Jump Festa 2022 has taken place once more, with Eiichiro Oda presenting his message for what you can expect next year for One Piece! Below is his full message as translated by me:

To everyone attending Jump Festa, as well as those watching online. Hello! This is baseball player Shohei Odatani, nitoryuu dual wielder of stiff shoulders and back pain! Now then, this year we had the party that was Chapter 1000 of the manga, the party that was Volume 100, and the party that was Episode 1000 of the anime. This really was a year of non-stop party-party. There were a lot of projects. Did you enjoy participating? There were a few announcements too. The cast of the Hollywood One Piece Live Action Adaptation was announced! They’re perfect, aren’t they?! Those five are really amazing! Even now, the production is still proceeding slowly and carefully.

And then there’s film “RED”! An unknown girl. Shanks. LUFFY! Speaking of Shanks, the truth is that he’s still a character of many mysteries. What’s his relationship with the girl? Will he meet Luffy? This is the first time Shanks will properly appear in a movie after all… oh he will appear! They tried to stop me from announcing anything, but I went and said it, so I win!

Furthermore, next year is actually… the 25th anniversary of the manga! The staff members are still planning a variety of things, so please look forward to them!

Regarding the main story, I’m surprised that the Wano Country is still not over. Anyway, Luffy! Please pay attention to the main character!! I hope I can draw it well…! Also, I’ve always wanted to draw the last scene of the Wano Country! Aaaah! Basically, I’m super excited for One Piece next year. I hope you keep rooting for One Piece!!

2021.12 Eiichiro Oda

According to this message, Oda is indicating that we can expect the following in 2022:

  • Luffy doing something important (likely his fight against Kaido)
  • Wano Country supposedly ending and seeing its final scene
  • Film RED, where Shanks is confirmed to be appearing in
  • 25th anniversary celebrations

As we’ve seen with previous years, some of these plans tend to fall off sometimes, but other times they do pay off, so we’ll have to see if they happen this next year! 2022 is looking to be an incredible year for One Piece fans!



  1. Last scene of Wano must be connected to the series endgame considering Oda always wanted to draw this scene. Must be something intrestingly huge.
    Thanks Artur.


  2. The msg from Oda to Luffy is to focus on Kaido cause: Meanwhil in Oda’s head, they are still fighting and Luffy keeps loosing focus cause of his Makama’s. – just a funny though 😀
    – Raid Fail theory confirmed to be dead? 😀
    – Shanks! Give me more Shanks$!! thake my moneyyyyyyy


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