The True History: One Piece MEGA-Theory – Episode 5

Today we have Episode 5 of the True History mega-theory! In this episode we explore the often unexplored topic of FATE in the world of One Piece, and how fate ties with the D. Clan and particularly Luffy’s straw hat!


One comment

  1. Ultimately, in all written media, the writer is the one who moves the hand of faith. The protagonists are set to reach their predestined fate, because this is a work of fiction, it’s Luffy’s fate to become pirate king because he is the protagonist of this story.

    In the end it’s not a matter of what is his fate, but rather how will he achieve it.

    If the sole reason is because he was fated to do so, then it is lazy writing. However this is not the case. We’ve seen him struggle in each and every arc, we’re watching him achieve his fate rather than just receiving it.

    Another thing, about the matter of Joy Boy, to our knowledge there have been several Joy Boys in history, Roger being one of them (and my personal head cannon was that Montblanc Noland was also a Joy Boy), but fate had it that he could not fulfill the one Joy Boy’s prophesized destiny.


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