One Piece Magazine Vol. 11 FULL SUMMARY

A couple of weeks ago, volume 11 of the One Piece Magazine came out! So I thought I’d gather up all the new relevant information in it so you don’t miss out on anything that was shown in it!

I also made it into a video format if you want to hear me going into more detail!

What if scenario request: “What if Hancock ate the Goro Goro no Mi (Rumble Rumble Fruit)?”

Oda’s drawings of devil fruit fruit forms: Gem (Mr.5)’s Bomu Bomu no Mi (Bomb Bomb Fruit) and Mikita (Miss Valentine)’s Kiro Kiro no Mi

Creature Cross-section: Bananawani [Length: 30m; Wheight: 5.5t]

Perona novel summary:

Early One Piece sketches:

Early Ace sketches, depicting a point when Ace was known as “Portgas D. Lang”. These were previously seen in the Green Databook, but we get a much better look at them here, showing Lang’s design evolution into Ace. There’s also a new sketch on the side of someone called “Rom Dadan”. This is similar to the sketch of Dadan seen in the Green Databook (though that was a separate sketch), where Dadan was depicted as a man. This sketch indicates Dadan’s full name was originally “Rom Dadan”.

Early sketches of the impostor Straw Hats. Some name changes include Mountain -> Mountblutain, Jaroman -> Manjaro, and Putin -> Drip. The three sketches on the left also show a character called “Serukaku”, who later became the basis for the characters of Caribou and Coribou.

Early Straw Hat ally sketches, depicting Albion (seemingly formerly called “Deroppa”), Doughty (seemingly formerly called “Don Tehen”) and another indistinguishable character.

Other miscellaneous sketches for planning for the Return to Sabaody Arc:

That’s all the relevant information from this Magazine! If you want to buy the Magazine for yourself, you can do so here:



  1. Boa Hancock looks hot (more then usual) having the goro goro no mi powers, horns, and that outfit (and I’m saying this as someone who is not even a Hancock fan lol).

    I wanna read that Perona story in OP Heroines, sounds good.


    • I mean, you know you can just use a VPN right bud? They’re not that expensive, and then you can toggle it to a different country.
      Or use the Opera browser, has one built in.


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