Chapter Secrets – Chapter 990 in-depth analysis

Things continue heating up at Onigashima as Drake joins the line up of heroes! Let’s continue analyzing this fantastic arc!

Only 9 chapters left to go!!




    • Not sure what you mean, but X Drake’s name is pronounced as “Diez Drake” (since his father was called Diez Barrels) and the X is always written as “Diez” in katakana, which is the Spanish word for ten. The X itself represents the roman numeral ten


  1. Is the ‘X’ in ‘X Calibur’ pronounced like the letter or like his name (Diez)?

    Also, in relation to Drake striking number 10, Oda might’ve tried to do the same with the one Luffy takes down (‘Gomu’—>’Number 5′). Maybe he’ll also beat the number 6 to complete the ‘gomu’ lol.


  2. The reference of the Wisdom King from Kiku I totally forgot, thank you for that!
    Besides, my first thought on the 1% was not Luffy but Drake. Also you didn’t seem to recognize that Hawkims also set up that trap for Drake, as he later comments along with Queen and Who’s who that it could be only Drake freeing Law.

    Besides, one sees that you take a bit of free time as this analysis is quite short one, but relax a bit more Artur 🙂


  3. It was a great chapter as always! Can’t wait for the thousandth chapter – by the way I started thinking that in this particular unit we’ll get to know something about Zoro’s connection with Wano (who knows – maybe he really was born there and he really is from Shimotsuki clan?)…
    In my opinion Hawkins was speaking about Drake…

    … Denjiro vs. Sasaki incoming?


    • Denjirou at the top of Skull head, So Sasaki wouldnt be fight him instead anyone else who is inside Kaido’s mansion. cmon this is WAR, you cant expect the battle so easily.


  4. At first i thought that the 1% was Luffy, but later i started thinking that it’s Law. Many speculate his death during this arc, and it fits the chapter since the reason they wanna kill Drake is cause he freed Law.


  5. What if…

    Law like Drake, is also a SWORD member?

    It’d explain a few things?

    Also, I do wonder about the theory that the Numbers are pleasures and one of them has a working SMILE fruit. If that’s true…

    Well then Kaido’s even STUPIDER then I already think he is. (And I already see him as an arrogant brainless brute who’s coasting on his strength. (And who really just needs someone to put him on his ass already. (The scabbards made a good first start.)

    But really, if you have a bunch of extra large giants, why would you give them these crap fruits? Just wait until you acquire real fruits, then give those to them. Even if you never get devil fruits, that way the OPTION is open.

    This way you get MAYBE one giant with a crappy bootleg zoan power (That might well not even be a particularly good animal.) Yet imagine an Oars-Lite with a halfway decent Paramecia power! Or a real zoan! (Let alone a logia or mythical zoan! (Or even an ancient zoan!)

    That said, I do think Kaido’s meant to be an idiot. Like Big Mom he’s overpowered as hell, so he doesn’t need to be smart or skilled. Big Mom isn’t necessarily actually that dumb, she’s just rarely particularly lucid and has a host of mental problems. Kaido by contrast is just kind of dimwitted. (Luffy can’t possibly ruin anything for me, because *I* have bigger muscles!) Kaido can’t really seem to fathom much strategy beyond beating his problems up. (Doffy was probably using his ego to manipulate him, and hence Doffy being so amused at his capture, he’d know Kaido’d quickly go on an impulsive rampage without his influence.)

    Women are crazy, men are stupid. That’s BM and Kaido.

    (Also why they are technically actually the ‘weakest’ Emperors. (They have higher ‘base stats’, then anyone else, but someone like Shanks or the late WB (or Akainu!) probably have all those advanced haki skills and in case of WB (and Akainu!), devil fruit awakening.) Plus any of the other Emperors have to be smarter by necessity.

    (That said, OP of course doesn’t work like DBZ, you don’t really get neat ‘powerlevels’. (Not that you’d ever get that idea through the average western manga readers skull…))


    • Makes zero sense for Law to be a marine haha, seeing as how he hates the WG for covering up the poison of his country and then exterminating them all.
      It’s a black ops marine no, Law isnt a member, unless, like Rocinante hes secretly super mega undercover haha


      • Totally agree with your assessment of Kaido and Big Mom though for sure.
        They both have moments they let on being more clever than you think, like Kaido being familiar with Joy Boy and the void century, like they’re more aware of the big picture, but yeah they’re usually too caught up in their ego/issues other crap haha


  6. Can’t wait to see Jack shouting :

    While turning into his hybrid form and back up to his feet again and again!


  7. Thank you for your analysis every chapter. It’s really appreciated. I always learn so much more about the chapters by reading the secrets.


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