Chapter Secrets – Chapter 989 in-depth analysis

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  1. You missed a key detail concerning Yamato. Specifically, Luffy addressed her as “he” (at least in the English translation. I honestly don’t know the sex dynamics of Japanese third-person pronouns); since Shinobu and Momonosuke heard Luffy say “You can trust ‘him'”, they probably expected a female. Therefore, when this crazy, horned woman came running towards them proclaiming she’s Oden, their escape was the wisest thing given all available evidence.

    Heck, even if they knew the reason behind calling Yamato a “he”, the protocol for “transgender” is anyone calling him-or-herself the opposite sex (or some other recently invented gender) due to his or her personality supposedly not matching his or her sex.


    • Actually, the original text says “You can trust this person”. according to this post (, he only calls Yamato そいつ/soitsu (’that person/that guy’), the same casual genderless way he refers to literally everyone. Japanese doesn’t use gendered pronouns (or pronouns at all for that matter) that much.

      So no, they really did run because there’s some freak calling themselves Oden.


    • The original text uses the term そいつ, which can be read as “that person”. It’s genderless.

      Fun fact: Luffy actually adresses almost everyone – be it man or woman – like that.

      Of course Momo and Shinobu freak out, when a wild stranger girl comes running at them, proclaiming to be Oden (Momo’s dad).

      This scene has been the latest proof of what I’ve been trying to explain to Artur and everyone else for weeks: Oda views this Yamato-Oden situation as a very funny gag and nothing deep at all.

      Somehow most Westerners don’t seem to get that.

      Literally every single situation with her proclaiming to be Oden has been one gigantic comedy moment.


      • While I get where you’re coming from, it isn’t mutually exclusive. Wanting to be a man is a separate bit from calling himself Oden.. they’re weirded out by that, not that its coming from a girl. The Oden aspect is definitely played for laughs
        And while I don’t think it’s meant to be deep, he does want to be seen as a guy, so what’s the big deal? Why be against that? Seems like you’re having your own hangups kind of bleed into the interpretation


      • @stigmadiabolicum: Nonsense.

        Anyone really believing that her “wanting to be a man” is seperate from her “trying to be Oden” simply hasn’t got any reading comprehension.

        She made it clear in her very first appearance, when Luffy basically told her that she’s a girl and why she was calling herself “son”:

        Yamato: “Well, in order to become Oden, I have to be a man!”

        It’s literally tied to her one and only goal – taking over Oden’s personality. She gives away zero vibes of actually being fed up with her own sex or anything like it (in fact, Oda still draws her the most female-like ways possible, even with a lot of fanservice at times).

        Oda treats this entire situation as a gag and has zero intentions of it being a trans-matter.


  2. I think you’re a bit off with the Number’s height. Using a ruler, it looks like Jaki is just barely shorter than 4 times the height of the Franky Shogun (Brachio Tank + legs), which is 13 meters. That makes Jaki more like 50 meters tall, and using the same measurements, Goki looks to be around 70 meters tall, even bigger than Oars!


  3. I think it’s very LIKELY that Carrot will join the crew (To fulfill Pedro’s will of doing everything they could to support the one who will bring the new dawn.) But right now it’s Jimbei’s moment, so it makes sense for Carrot not to be visible. Jimbei is the new SH after all, Carrot currently isn’t.

    However the fact the bunny opted to stick with the SH’s and not rejoin the minks I think is quite significant. After this arc she’ll probably ask to join and there’ll be some joke to the effect of “Oh, I thought you already had.”

    She’ll join, which personally I welcome. (And I also think her presence makes Chopper a far more enjoyable character since more then he was pre-Timeskip he’s really just ‘the mascot’ otherwise. But with Carrot he has some fun comedic chemistry.) And she’ll be the last of Luffy’s intended ten crewmembers (And the eleventh SH total.)

    It’s just that right now she’s not a SH yet, so doesn’t belong in the groupshot yet.

    However I do think Oda once hinted at a Logia unexpectedly joining the crew, so there’ll be one more member Luffy didn’t expect or plan for. (Which I think is most likely Aokiji (Switching his bet to solve this OP mystery from BB to Luffy) or perhaps less likely Smoker (Who might decide that Luffy consistently did the right thing and the gov’t he worked for consistently did the wrong thing.) Smoker’s a bit less likely since he comes with Tashigi attachment.

    Also, I think what would be funny right now is if Law, Kidd, Killer, Prospero and Marco all showed up at this moment.

    Marco’d take on King, Prospero convinces BM to leave, Kidd and Killer would have words with Queen about his attempt to drown them and Law just teleports himself and the SH’s up to the roof, where they reinforce the Minks and Scabbards.

    Jack now gets to face Inu and Neko working together in their powered up forms, instead of one on one, and he goes down HARD.

    Zoro manages to cut Kaido with Enma, awakening Kaido’s Oden-related trauma and lowering his defenses and everyone just completely unloads on Kaido now that he’s easier to hurt with Luffy dealing the final blow.

    Meanwhile King is losing to Marco because Marco heals from every wound King inflicts via his fruit, whereas King can’t say the same. Queen is losing to Kidd and Killer because whenever he focusses on one, the other gets a free shot. The Flying Six, seeing how Kaido is actually getting the crap beat out of him immidiatly desert. (Who and Sasaki: We never liked him anyway. (Hawkins: Me neither and the cards don’t look good for Kaido anymore either.) Drake and Mariah: We were always double agents. Ulti and Page 1: Uh… crap. Apoo: Sooo… BM, do you need a DJ?)

    Also Orochi’s guys, having little motivation to fight for Kaido now that he wanted to level their flower capital go from fighting unenthusiastically for Kaido to immediately switching sides when Kaido starts to lose and just find the nearest Beast pirate to beat the crap out of, or the nearest ally to come to the assistance of. (So that they won’t be executed as traitors when Kaido loses.)

    And then Kaido just goes down without his officers going down first necessarily! (And probably gets killed by BB after, but if not him Kinemon or Kidd would be happy to do the job I bet.)


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