Chapter Secrets – Chapter 987 in-depth analysis

Man, Onigashima just keeps delivering chapter after chapter! At this point, this really does feel like it’s ramping up to be something on the level of Marineford!!

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  1. Regarding the “Good Usining” shirt: I imagine that “usi” here is meant as “ushi”, i.e. “cow” in Japanese. No idea what the rest of the pun is supposed to be about, since the pronunciation is very far from “good evening” or any other phrase I could come up with.


      • Wait, it is meant to be a play on “good MOO-ning” like good morning but with moo? Or something? And maybe he’s just conflating buffalo with cows/oxen

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      • Hi, Artur.
        I wanna translate chapter Secrets so I wanna contact you but I couldn’t in Twitter 😦


    • Maybe “usining” can come from french verb “usiner” which can be translated to “craft”, but within a factory context, which could echo Franky’s work
      But maybe not


  2. Oda blessed us with another flawless chapter (delivering awesome frames)! And your post is great as always!
    Speaking about colour spread I thought Luffy’s shirt is decorated with blue pineapples as a reference to Marco… Doesn’t Yamata no Orochi Fruit have some spiral ornaments?
    That Robin’s gesture definitely tells something ;-D
    The last frame with Neko’s smile made my day – it truly resembles the Cheshire Cat… And now he seems to be a giant, fluffy mix of references to mentioned Cheshire Cat, Bakeneko and Garfield (remember – he loves lasagna)… I love it!

    By the way, could frames with angry Denjiro suggest that our mad oyabun will turn into a demon?


  3. I actually suspected the relationship Robin-Franky from a long time…basically from the scene where both met the first time after time skip.

    The scene, where Franky asked Robin to ride with him on his bike (and Robin happily accepting) some chapters ago was then essentially a confirmation.


  4. Besides Artur, thank you for your analysis, refreshing as ever!

    One detail you missed: in the panel with Trafalgar Law, we see a figure resembling very much Basil Hawkins…as it takes quite much space, I assume that thia figure is indeed Basil Hawkins.

    I theoretize that Drake (after liberating Law und interrogating Hawkins afterwards) also allowed Hawkins to join the fray.


  5. I loved the part where you pointed out the similarity between Cat Viper’s badass smile and the Cheshire Cat grin the most! The unexpected part came when you cited Oda’s love for Tim Burton movies as evidence.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention the pugs. I took the three small ones to be foreshadowings of the three final Straw Hats to join after Jinbei: Vivi for the Sky-blue pug, Carrot for the Maroon pug, and Yamato for the Purple pug.

    As for Yamato, I think you stretched her feeling of “becoming a man” way to far. Even if you subscribe to gender theory guidelines, Yamato never said she always felt like a man before seeing Oden’s martyrdom, just after. Plus, when she said it’s time for her to become Oden, there was literally NOTHING to even IMPLY she ever or does identify as a man! Not even using the pronoun “boku” counts because lots of women in Japan use it, even some idol singers albeit more in lyrics than in everyday life!


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