Chapter Secrets – Chapter 985 in-depth analysis

Onigashima just keeps delivering with incredible chapter after incredible chapter! Let’s break down all the interesting details from yet another incredible chapter!

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  1. Good Lord, please just refer to Yamato as “her” and not him.

    It’s plain obvious that she simply cosplays as Oden.

    Not a single trans-person in the world just said: “Hey, this guy/girl is cool, so I think I will have to be a male/female from now on!”

    They all felt like the opposite gender from the get-go. Oda introducing her as “Kaido’s daughter” in her intro-box is the last proof of that. He’s very sensitive when it comes to gender.

    In Kiku’s case for example he only once mentioned it, that she’s a bilological male, but still refers to her as a girl all the time. He made it clear, that she’s really a trans-person.

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    • I think it’s really up to the visitor… Yes she does a cosplay and all, but is often refered in public as Kaido’s son. That box can be seen as the narrator’s view/input, too. I personally think she is put in a male role and tries to be free and feel as an actual woman. I think this might be a way she will develop once she’s freed of Kaido and with the Strawhats… For now you can see it as you wish.


    • It’s not obvious that he’s “cosplaying” at all? Unless the definition changed, cosplaying is not a twenty year adherence to a particular set of pronouns. When female cosplayers cosplay as men, they’re still women, and they still identify as such.

      Besides, people usually take gender cues from people they admire — plenty of cis men say “they try to be a man like their dad,” and that doesn’t mean they aren’t men, or that their desire to be a man is somehow false because it isn’t internally derived from some pre-existening impetus. What it means to be a “man” or a “woman” is something you learn from the people around you — Yamato learned from Oden, and decided he identified with that more.

      What’s important is what Yamato says, and he says he chose to become a man. It’d be weird if Oda had everyone — literally everyone including his legitimately evil father — refer to him with “he/him,” only for it to not matter because of one single infobox. Otherwise, I dunno, Big Mom’s name is legitimately O-Lin the Oiran now because of the infobox.


    • Yamato could have identified as male prior to the Oden complex, but regardless, the character clearly prefers being referred to with male pronouns so what’s the harm? If literally every other character so far has been using male pronouns for him, why are you so upset about people online doing the same?

      Also, much like Kiku, hasn’t Yamato also only been mentioned to be bio female a single time with every other occurrence using male pronouns?


    • Hey Artur, great read as always but one quick question for you. You mentioned that Kaido and Big Mom will now have access to each others poniglyphs, but will still need to locate the other two. In my head, i has assumed that Kanjuro would have already reported back about the one on Zou? Is there any reason this might not be the case?

      Side note – disappointing to see people bickering about pronouns in these comments. He identifies as a he, so we should identify him as’s really simple. Thank you for getting it right.


      • Good point! I don’t think Kanjuro has reported about it yet, but in a scenario where the Yonko won, he could easily direct them to it, leaving only one left (then again, who knows where that one, which originally was at Fishman Island, ended up at)


      • I hoipe there is still more to them, but theoretically, you only need three porneglyphs to find Laugh Tale.

        If you have three, they form a triangle. You only need to sail along this triangle, and you should bump into Laugh Tale, as one of these three sides has to be one of the two diagonal lines forming the “X”.

        Buuuuut. I’m sure there is an additional part to the story, that says, they need to do something at the exact location, so just sailing over it wouldn’t work.


    • I can’t reply to your reply to me, but because Yamato looks like a woman and doesn’t act “masculine” enough, he can’t be a man? That’s a reductive & inaccurate statement, ignorant of the reality of many, many trans people who can’t — or even don’t choose to! — transition, but still identify with their gender. I’m a trans woman myself! I know how this stuff goes, my friend.

      Listen, for the sake of argument, — you could say that he’s a woman, and it wouldn’t really change the pronouns he uses? Women who use he/him pronouns do exist. Pronouns don’t always equal gender. They often do, of course, and it’s important to respect that, but nonbinary people use he/him, she/her, not just they/them. Pronouns as part of gender expression as anything else.

      Even putting that aside, the reality is that outside of a single infobox, everyone else has used he/him. There are countless examples. The Beast Pirates know who he is. Even the fodder know what he looks like. They still have said he/him.


    • Except I talked to Trans people, and they were quite unaminously on the “he”-side. The “reasons” are not yours to judge: Yamato calls himself a man and uses male pronouns, so, for all intents and purposes, he is a man. At least until he decides otherwise.


    • Well the thing is orochi’s fruit is not hydra but an 8-headed snake. But i gott that reference don’t worry


  2. You forgot to mention that probably Coribou was on that panel with the two headless horsemen. This is kinda important because it could imply that Caribou could make an alliance with Kaido or infiltrate in some way (and posibly tell him about Shirahoshi/Poseidon).
    Great analisys!


  3. About Inuarashi an Nekomamushi, to me it looks like Inu saw what Neko did with the gatling and decided to apply that sword just at that very moment.


  4. It was one hell of a chapter! I love how poetic sounded Kiku’s speech before her clash with Kanjuro. By the way it’s interesting what will be the outcome of their fight. Last panels weren’t giving an obvious answer…
    Speaking of Orochi I don’t think he’s dead. He’s paranoiac so he could have an ace up his sleeve – dunno, something connected with powers of his devil fruit?
    To be honest, if he’s dead for real, I will be a bit disappointed (mainly because I imagined Denjiro and Hiyori as the ones who will defeat Orochi).


  5. On the subject of “ink clones”, I think it’s relevant that the one we’ve seen was also in the midst of the raging storm and was specifically noted for its surprising (albeit fleeting after ‘death’) durability in the rain and surf. That, plus us never seeing any of Kanjuro’s creations engage in battle, leads me to believe that they’re more durable than we’ve been thus far led to believe and could actively last longer in poorer states of care [possibly doubling as a direct hint of one possible weakness for someone like Jinbe to exploit].


  6. Well, gotta say, after a slow and not overtly exciting start this arc is getting legs nowadays.

    However, I do doubt Kaido’s self-proclaimed ability to claim the One Piece, at most he has access to his Road Poneglyph and Big Mom’s, can’t read either of them and doesn’t know where the other two are located.

    Actually Kaido in general comes over to me as kind of an idiot. Just not the funny goofy sort of idiot. More like the violent, abusive and murderous sort of low IQ barbarian. He’s sort of a counterpart to Big Mom almost. (In the sense that men are stupid and women are crazy.

    I mean Kaido is the same guy who thinks that a ‘rookie’ pirate (Who is hardly a rookie given his list of accomplishments.) can’t possibly ruin his plans, even after said ‘rookie’ already wrecked his operations at Punk Hazard and Dressrosa, and pretty much caused utter bedlam in Totland, belonging to one of his peers.

    Also Kaido doesn’t know much about multi-headed snakes… Actually didn’t the ogre he was based on got poisoned at some point? I think Orochi, the moment the ‘corpse’ is removed will just regenerate and at most lose a head (or just regrow or reattach it.) Yamato-no-Orochi is more or less a Japanese hydra anyway. I think Orochi’ll regroup with his minions (Who will just feign loyalty to Kaido) and have Kaido poisoned. (After all Kaido’s insides have been implied to not be as invulnerable as his outsides. (Why else would Luffy feel that Chi Gong Punch would work?)

    Now I don’t think Kaido’ll die as a result of being poisoned, but I think it’ll weaken him. Also no way in hell Big Mom won’t betray him. Even if she wasn’t going to, she just saw him behead a 20 years ally. Which admittedly I was surprised at actually. Orochi and Kaido seemed to actually get along pretty well it seemed to me.

    Now, Kaido… I think given how brazen Luffy has been so far and how it’s already backfired on him with Apoo, I think it’s possible Kaido wins this round. It’s even possible Kaido actually wins this arc, And a darker second arc is possible, like one where Kaido is waging war on the world and has completely industrialized Wa, And a Luffy who barely survived the battle now has to find out what happened to all his crew and allies.

    But one way or the other, I think at the end of road, I think Kaido’s actually going to outright die. Wether he loses here or later. If BB won’t show up to finish him off when he’s at his weakest, someone like Kidd or CP0 should be happy to do the deed.

    Though… I kind of wonder if maybe Kaido is depressed because of someone he lost and BB has Devon mimic that person after Kaido’s all beaten up, and then when Kaido’s distracted Moriah cuts his shadow. No way Kaido is NOT on BB’s hitlist of people to eliminate when a convenient opportunity comes up.


  7. about orochi being “unknown” to kaido, i’m thinking maybe kaido does know about him and kaido is just nonchalant cuts his head of out of anger, it doesn’t mean that kaido doesn’t know about orochi not being dead.

    kaido knows orochi won’t die, but he just cuts the head off anyways just because he’s mad. like just punching someone.


  8. Hey Athur. I have a question. Yamato mention that she was still 8 years old when Ace came to Wano. If she is 28 years old now, don’t you think it’s kinda odd? I think the gap of 20 years from Ace coming to Wano to his death 2 years ago ( in this current timeline) is kinda mistake. What do you think?


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