Chapter Secrets – Chapter 984 in-depth analysis

This week we have an unbelievable chapter from Oda! This isn’t necessarily the longest analysis, as there’s not that much to talk about in regards to some things, but that doesn’t take away from how interesting they are! Let’s begin!

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  1. Yup, we should address Yamato as “him” the same as we address Kiku as “her”. although I find it quite hard for Yamato as his appearance is really feminine…
    Yamato remind me of Bartolomeo. a fanboy of Luffy. so I understand as why you wouldn’t think that he will become the next Strawhat Crew. he just a fanboy. but I still think that she might jump on Thousand Sunny to embark a journey to find One Piece. just like Oden did. so, I don’t think his dream will be ended just with Wano as Open Country. Azayaka Nine and Kozuki Family whose he thought were all dead are actually live. so he don’t belong in Wano anymore when Kaido defeated.
    also that Bible (Journal) is very important Key Item to find One Piece. and I don’t think he would simply handed over to Robin or Nami.
    although Strawhat will surely find One Piece with or without the help of that Journal.

    Yamato and Ace connection is really intriguing. too bad we have to wait another 2 weeks for the next chapter. I hope we can see a glimpse of Yamato’s past.

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  2. 百 is also hundred in Mandarin. Probably has no ties to the chapter, but just something interesting I wanted to point out.


  3. What a deep characterization.. And an analysis. Seems that fate brought you to be born during Goda era to be the selected few being able to decipher his message in One Piece world


      • I think yamato told ace that he is oden. Because if ace know that yamato is not oden, yamato would tell ace that oden has died, meaning that whitebeard would come to wano to avenge him, but no. Ace told whitebeard that he met Oden in wano and he is healthy and a happy guy.


  4. I think, after big mom and kaido’s defeat, katakuri and yamato will take control of the big mom pirates & beasts pirates respectively, and will be ally of luffy or join the grand fleet.


  5. And here comes another great chapter. To be honest lately Wano Arc became so addictive – there’s so many splendid characters and themes refering to Japanese culture and history… It’s sheer enjoyment to read (and also watch) “One Piece”!
    It was great to see Kiku and Izo’s reunion. Yamato seems to be an interesting character and despite feminine appearance Yamato considers himself as a man – and he’s quite beautiful person (I don’t know why but it gave me “Princess Mononoke” vibes…).
    For me the hugest surprise was the fact that Yamato kept Oden’s journal… Earlier I assumed that journal has been hidden by one of the Scabbards… This is pretty interesting plot twist.


    • Agree. Wano had been always thrilling each chapter since, maybe Luffy vs Kaido (some early chapters was a lil bit slow). For me, it’s just like uphill to excitement with no valley in between.


  6. Yamato pulls out another club while fighting Luffy, where did that come from? Does he has a devil-fruit that gives him the ability to copy objects?
    Luffy uses armament like Katakuri in ch 884 (100 ch ago). This is not RYUU!

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  7. I think there is a minor mistake when talking about the heights. It says King>Queen>Kaido>Jack, but Jack and King should be the other way around as shown in the picture. I’m not nitpicking, it’s just for the sake of being precise, great analysis anyway, as always


    • No, Artur says that from shorter to taller.

      “Shorter” King -> Queen -> Kaido -> Jack “Taller”


      • Either the order is wrong or the symbols used are wrong. “>” stands for “more than..”, if it is what you are saying it should be this “<", "less than…"


  8. A little fun tidbit: Oda LOVES playing with chapter numbers. This here is chapter 984. Remember, what happened in 948?

    Kiku: “This one is a woman at heart”


  9. They bring up ulti and page one resilience to remind us that Zoans in general are more resilient and the more aggressive they are the stronger as well. On Sabody they mention this several times while discussing X drake

    Maybe not awoken but definitely durable. May have work cut out for them during the battles. Also Kaido of course


  10. “Note:keikaku means plan” – Pretty sure it was unintentional but was funny to see it explained unironically. Keep up the good work, Artur.


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