Chapter Secrets – Chapter 982 in-depth analysis

A legendary encounter! How will things unfold in next week’s chapter?

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  1. I tell you what will happen
    She will probably be a Attention-Seeking Whore who will hunt Luffy after he defeat her after she uses her Secret Ability or Devil Fruit Power


  2. Sasaki being defeated so quickly came as a surprise,and what are the chances for Page One and Ulti if they’re going up against Luffy already.

    Just a thought i had…it may be very far-fetched…but i just got a feeling Kanjuro is faking his betrayal…and that this Momo is a ink clone


    • Sasaki was caught off guard, probably with sea stone cuff too cause Wano has a lot of them laying around. And Kanjuro betrayal is definitely real


      • Being overpowered like that is not a good look for a high ranking officer,i was beginning to get hyped for Sasaki and being caught so off-guard to allow someone to chain him up like that…it was very disappointing and i didn’t like it,thats all…..Lol….and to be honest that comment i made was just me being annoyed at that.

        “Kanjuro betrayal is definitely real” Like i said i’ts very far-fetched,it’s was just a feeling.Something in this chapter with him and Momo just seems off to me….But I think you’re probably right.


    • Eh, I mean he’s totally off guard talking to an ally, he’s not expecting to get shanghaied by him
      I doubt he’s out of the picture for good, hell get cut loose before too long


  3. I think Nekomamushi’s Sabo level phone skills might mean they also did not have time to tell him about Kanjuro’s betrayal.


  4. It was a great and a gripping chapter – interesting what will happen between Luffy and Ulti xD
    Now I feel even much more disgust towards Orochi and Kanjuro… And by the way where is Hiyori (maybe she’s already on Onigashima…)?

    Yup, definitely Denjiro must have been pretty careful with his tattoo… And it still amazes me that nobody – throughtout twenty years – came with idea: ‘Hey, that guy with nickname “Sleepy” could actually be Witching Hour Boy’… Wish that Ushimitsu-san will appear on Onigashima and team up with Sogeking and O-Soba Mask xD


  5. i don’t think the shadowy figure is izou not the same kimono some people think its the man from chap 631


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