Return to the Reverie – Chapter 5

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The following is a non-profit fan work based on Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. The intent of the project is not to replace the original manga or compete with it. It is simply a work of passion and appreciation for One Piece made for the sole purpose of fun. Enjoy!

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      • Joy Boy was a D from the ancient kingdom, made a promise to the Poseidon mermaid princess of the time to bring them to the surface
        Existed during the void century

        Could hear the voice of all things, etc
        Most theories believe his will was inherited by Roger and then Luffy
        Artur here is putting a spin on it by having it be Dragon


  1. First of all, I would like to apologize for my bad English.
    I liked the idea of Dragon inherited Joy Boy (Adam) will (maybe this is the meaning of the D., only people with that letter in his name can be reincarnated in some way).
    Brief theories about the final chapter:
    • Since Dragon has recognized Imu’s face, Imu could be somehow related to Dragon’s family, maybe her mother who was told to be a celestial dragon and is supposed to be dead.
    • The national treasure of god valley was the mizu mizu no mi (water devil fruit). When Rocks tried to eat the devil fruit it awakened Imu who was “dead”, maybe taking Dragon’s mother corps form that was probably near in the mausoleum.
    • I suspect that the gorosei executed some plan so that rocks found out about the devil fruit aiming to revive Imu.
    • I also suspect Imu is Mother Sea mentioned in chapter 2. Also on a panel you can see Imu’s long hair like that of the Mother sea in the flashback. Furthermore, Imu’s power and Mother sea power is the same.
    However there are some gaps in these theories. For example, the reason why Imu called himself king (like she was a guy), maybe it’s for the same reason that he/she wears a mask.


  2. OMG, for yet another fan made chapter, it was heart pounding!

    Tbh, I wasn’t that impressed on how the RA was easily defeated by Green Bull & Fujitora even though they were tired after facing CP0, but I did liked how they are also a part of Sword!

    At the beginning & end, I didn’t really liked how Dragon acted a little too rushed in his fight against Imu instead of doing it a little more wisely like he would normally do.

    However, I was undoubtedly shocked when learning how Imu is not only a “Water Bender” which relates to how Dragon felt when he saw his true face, but is also able to take DF powers like BB could! If Oda does plan to have something like this in his actual story, I definitely & absolutely want Luffy to go through that, which would be the perfect opportunity for the main character to get a development that no one else could!

    Anyway I still look forward to the 6th/final chapter next week!

    Well I don’t know about you guys, but what do you think?!


  3. Very nice chapter!!
    Small points I would lile to address here:

    – the cover page idea is gold, the joint proportion, especially with Crocodile, not always
    – I do not see why the former CP9 should be a match for the Revolutionary commandeers…Kumadori, who was beaten by Chopper pre-TS, being able to keep up with Lindbergh…I’d doubt that
    – Same thing with Rob Lucci…he is strong, no question. But for Sabo, who handled Jesus Burgess like a kitten, he should be not a that big match
    – Fujitora’s allegiance to SWORD, hm…Drake was established as THE caption of the SWORD unit, so Fujitora and Ricardo being members of it under Drake…hm…

    It is not meant as criticism, I love this really professionally made project, I just have some questions and remarks, same as with the original 😉


    • Your acting as if the former CP9 members didn’t train aswell, they weren’t just sitting down doing nothing in those two years, everyone made progress, also Drake is a captain of Sword but that doesn’t make him the leader, it’s like seeing one vice admiral and saying he’s the leader of the marines, it wasn’t confirmed that drake was the leader of sword, it was confirmed he was only the captain.


  4. You guys really have some amazing skills here. Felt like I was reading the manga instead of something you guys just decided to do.

    I applaud you guys.


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