Return to the Reverie – Chapter 4

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The following is a non-profit fan work based on Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. The intent of the project is not to replace the original manga or compete with it. It is simply a work of passion and appreciation for One Piece made for the sole purpose of fun. Enjoy!

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  1. Honestly, it felt a little bit slower in comparison to the previous chapter. But I really liked some of the fights that it had to offer, especially how Karasu used his tar powers to handle Kaku! However, after, seeing the end with Dragon & Imu together, I sure look forward into seeing what those 2 will really have to offer! Well I don’t know about you, but what do you think?


    • All we are all just going to ignore how it seems that Dragon soloed the Gorosei to get to King Imu?!!!


      • Now despite what happened in the previous chapter, I still have a feeling that they aren’t out just yet.


      • Despite what happened in the previous chapter, I strongly believe that the Gorosei are not out just yet.


  2. Another nice chapter.
    I always imagined that during the Reverie there was a clash between the Rev and the CP-0; it’s really interesting to see it drawn.
    The idea of Rogia’s awakening is interesting and I assume it was taken from the Admirals’ techniques.

    And regarding the Admirals, everyone notices their absence. I’m looking forward to see how it will be explained and what they will do once they go into action.


  3. Honestly, I’m speechless every week, so the only thing I can really think to say of how amazing this is, is that baby Stussy is fucking cute, and the cover page request is so wholesome

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  4. I have to say i am absolutely loving return to reverie so far the only criticism i can give this chapter is that the artwork in some of the panels is off but otherwise than that this chapter is amazing


    • Bonnie “What a adorable little kid. What a shame it would be….”
      Stussy *Flinches*
      Bonnie “If someone were to, I don’t know…… KICK EM IN THE MOUTH!!!”
      Stussy “Blurbbbbu”


  5. I wonder if Karasu’s devil fruit is a mythical Zoan, which allow him to change his body into crows of any size, or manipulate the shape of his body to have different crow parts like Marco’s phoenix phoenix fruit. I think the tar tar idea I cool, but I think the awakening of a logia is the ability to permanently change the climate of an area.


    • But permanently changing the environment is pretty meh to me. I like this idea of Awakened logias being able to have properties of other fruits because Logias are supposed to be the best fruits so it would make sense for them to be op. Like Aokiji has Ice Pheasant Imagine if he could make an actual Living Pheasant out of ice. Imagine a actual magma dog from akainu. That would be cool asf


      • I mean they are definitely awakened, they turned punk hazard into their own ecosystems


  6. Love it! I’m not sold on Jabra and Kumadori also coming along to CP0.. but at the same time it does make sense, if they made a deal after their cover story on the run I don’t think Lucci would have bailed on them with just Kaku

    Great Oda style pun and ability giving Lindbergs mech Charles Lindbergs plane name haha

    I’d say the only minor gripe I’d even have for this one is i feel like Kumas restoration would get one larger panel to itself, a little more gravitas to it after all the build up, it just kind of zipped past it but that’s really minor, it’s bloody amazing.

    Curious what you’ll do with Vivi and really pumped for Im and Dragons convo


  7. This again … it is just awesome! Now i will be anxiously awaiting the next reveal about Imu and where the admirals are. And what would have happened with Dragon and the Gorosei , and and and … I love this work and think you should have your own spin-off from OP with stories Oda did not get to tell himself ( maybe an idea to show him ? )


  8. Imu is demon sea, the one who introduced the devil fruit to Joyboy? Okay I’ll move on to the next chapter.


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