Return to the Reverie – Chapter 2

We continue the Reverie project with Chapter 2 our of 6! This week’s chapter is quite a big one too, so while it’s very dense with dialogue, I hope you can still enjoy all the things it sets up. Remember that we release chapters every week, so tune in next Tuesday for Chapter 3!

Video version:

The following is a non-profit fan work based on Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. The intent of the project is not to replace the original manga or compete with it. It is simply a work of passion and appreciation for One Piece made for the sole purpose of fun. Enjoy!

(Reminder: you can enlarge any image (particularly double page spreads) by clicking on them!)

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  1. I’d like to have this video with subtitles in portuguese. I know a little english but i have friends that don’t, and they’ll be very happy to have acess for this content. I translate for u, if u want to. Just send to me a email thtat i’ll respond with the translate.


  2. hey artur I was wondering where can I submit a chapter cover request for the reverie 6 chapter special you are working on is there a special website where you can do it or would I have to email you if so what would your email be?


  3. I really like this project. I love the concept and the ideas. It will probably nail some predictions, but even those it won’t, will be fascinating reads, and takes on what’s to expect based on the clues we’ve got so far. I’m particularly fond of Admiral Sanj… Ricardo! Not to be nitpicky (especially because I’m not sure about this), but wasn’t Bonney’s age confirmed to be 22 on an SBS? Either way, great job, I’m really curious to see how you wrap this up. 🙂


  4. Love it bud, great incorporation of all the set up & hints into a larger whole
    Totally got Shingeki vibes with the origin of the Titans/Ymir/devil and the Eldians haha.

    Definitely had the same idea about Bonney, oda never clarified the details but that’s gotta be it.
    Ricardo looks great

    Using Adam again for joy boy as well as the tree works I guess.. although having the sunlight tree Eve also be the DF at it’s top is a great idea


  5. The chapter is incredible. Every loose end, every unanswered mystery and enigma culminates beautifully as all the pieces serendipitously come together in this chapter. I can only hope that any of this becomes canon later on. Great job Artur!

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  6. A bit of a wild suggestion here, but please consider it!

    Obviously, I understand that making chapters like this are not only very complicated and time-consuming to draw out, but planning out the storyboard and actual plot of a fan chapter takes a lot of effort as well. That being said, you guys are far too talented to not be doing this more often!

    I know you guys already have your hands full with another month worth of content for this series, but you should eventually consider doing fan chapters for actual theories! Make it a fun little contest or something. Have people submit theories (something plot-based and intricate, not something super simple like person A will fight person B) and do a fan chapter on the winning theory! Maybe add a small submission fee too. This will filter out all the people who aren’t serious or just trolling, and also you guys deserve it anyways. If people commission artwork for money, I’d have absolutely no problem donating towards something like this. Let me know what you think!

    (P.S. Regardless, I plan on becoming a patreon very soon. Your content is just amazing)


  7. Why did the video get copyright striked? I had it in my watch later and it disappeared! 😦 Hope it all gets sorted out, love the effort you put into your work, really feels like reading one of Goda’s own chapters. Looking forward to the rest, would be amazing if there was an alternative place to put the videos if anything. Thanks for everything!


  8. This is ridiculously good. Both the content as well as the art.
    Though, on a personal level, I find it too good for my taste. I normally have a distaste for these elaborate theories and all they entail, to avoid not fulfillable expectations. so I also “hate” this. BUT I will continue reading it xD (I am masochistic that way 😉 )


  9. his is ridiculously good. Both the content as well as the art.
    Though, on a personal level, I find it too good for my taste. (2)


  10. Still love rereading this occasionally, it’s so great haha.
    I think my only complaint, minor as it may be, is Bonney being an escaped queen from a buster called island doesn’t really explain Akainus words, it’s more like she’s tied to a protected position, he wouldn’t care if they’d been already trying to kill her.

    I’ve always felt for years since that scene that she’s either been keeping the Gorosei alive for decades, or Im for centuries (if he isn’t perrenial youth) that or they want to capture her to DO that, since they’re getting older. Much more logical application of her power they’d probably see as vital. Granted, that’s if her own style of agelessness can be applied to others, and it’s not just a binary grandpa or baby setting haha. I wouldn’t think so, since that’s just the best option in combat to remove them as a threat


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