Chapter Secrets – Chapter 978 in-depth analysis

Man, what a chapter! This has to be one of the most fun chapters I’ve analyzed in the past few weeks, there’s just so much to talk about, from the details at Onigashima to the fascinatingly unique Flying Six! Let’s get started!

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    • Come here to say that. But i’m also/more curious on is it made by a normal metal/iron/steel? Because it seems-not always but usually- like the bigger they are longer they live so imagine a living being turn into a skull and that katana still didn’t get rusted.


    • Thought the same, but i go further, all the horns reminded me of Oars race and sasaki looks a lot like a “more human” Oars. Maybe a race that shrunk over time, The owner of the skull->Oars->Tobiroppo.
      I think the “skull-shaped Mountain” is just a mislead, its being a real skull.


    • I’m definitely hoping we get more about the mysterious horned giant race Oars/Oars jr belong to, and possibly Kaidos ancestors
      It might tie to all the horned themes, the skull, the sword.. but who knows

      Yeah though, I had that same thought


    • I had the same thought! I could easily see him wanting to deal with both siblings before feeding any info to Orochi


  1. “We sink ships: success or death!” Dammit Jimbei now you’re effecting others to act like this!? No seriously, how many times our belowed fishman go for this route and not only survive but also live long enough to become a crew member. It was impactful back in the days -like way back, against arlong park- but it gradually getting less and less impactful for me yet ODa keep doing it.


  2. Kaido,the All-Stars and Tobi Roppo aside,the Beast Pirates has been a terrible disappointment.

    or more precisely a joke…really…they are a big joke.
    Every Headliner and Gifter are a joke,and their design/Powers are horrible.

    It would have been fun to swap out the Whitebeard Pirates for the Beast Pirates at the Battle of Marineford.
    the Marines would have all died of laughter if they saw Dobon,Babanuki,Holdem and the rest of all the abominations in this crew.


    • If you thinks like that, then why Kaido still being one of Yonkou ???

      Your opinion and comparision about everything youve been said was a was a big joke and horrible as fans.


      • *Sigh* “Horrible as fans”…Really? So a fan can’t criticize anything,he has to like 100% of everything that’s being presented in the story and on the page or else he is not a real fan…is that it?

        I know that some in the OP community thinks this way and that they can’t stand it if someone thinks differently,god forbid if you say anything bad at all or isn’t heaping constant praise on everything all the time.
        Personally i think that kind of thinking is stupid.
        I’ve been a fan of OP for many,many years…but that is not going to stop me from pointing out something when i think it’s stupid or bad.
        And i have been very disappointed with Wano and the Beast Pirates so far.

        I’m calling them a joke because that is what they’re being depicted and presented as.
        Oda has very clearly designed most of them as Goofy,jokey characters.That is how he’s portraying them.

        I wouldn’t complain if it was just a few characters here and there,but it’s everyone(or at least very close to it)

        I mean….we got Simba growing out of a mans stomach,,Princess Twilight Sparkle,hungry hungry hippo…a guy that wears Babar the Elephants head on his chest…in the recent chapter we got a woman sprouting a Gorilla from her back,and a guy whose upper body serves as the head of a Giraffe…….Seriously! This is a freakshow.

        We are halfway through Wano and the Tobi Roppo were the first normal looking(for One piece) crew members we’ve seen so far.

        “Why is Kaido a Yonko” I’m sorry but that’s a stupid question.I didn’t create the story.

        But i have to say that the way Oda has depicted the Beast Pirates so far,i wonder that myself.
        There seem to be a bigger gap between top-middle-bottom in this crew,then in Big Moms.
        they haven’t really been shown to be competent or posing any kind of a threat so far.
        Contrast this with WCI who had an actual struggle going on.

        I have seen others say this…..but everything going to smoothly.

        Sorry if all this upsets you.


    • You dont have to explain about ‘horrible” word it is, i know that from all of your comment above and reply me..

      Im sorry but i dont upset at all


      • I agree with you about fans going crazy when you criticize anything within one peice i despise them too

        However the topi roppo are fodder and kaido has enough upper class underlings for him to be yonkou

        Though it is true their are many but it just puts into perspective how desperate kaido is to have a zoan army he would even use a laughable devil fruit to build his army don’t know what they were thinking though

        Beautiful charachter build up
        I respect your opinion


  3. There are 2 ways I see this war starting:

    1- the alliance gets trapped, then BM stabs Kaido when she sees an opening. War breaks out after that.

    2- BM stabs Kaido knowing that the alliance are raiding through Zeus, then the war breaks out.

    I think Kanjirou is caught by BM and preventing him from informing Orochi.


  4. @Heretic: For me, it’s the other way round. Kaido’s forces are evidently more mighty than Big Mom’s. The Calamities have a higher average bounty than Big Mom’s Sweet Commanders. The Tobi Roppo match the likes of Oven, Daifuku, Perospero, Snack and Compote. And the Headliners and Gifters match tje strength of Big Mom’s other siblings + their combatants. And PLUS Kaido has the Numbers and on the paper Apoo and Basil Hawkins at his disposal.
    If you look at Whitebeard Pirates, everyone besides Marco, Jozu and Vista is not special.


    • I agree that the Calamities are stronger then the Sweet commanders.I think you are absolutely right about that.I have no doubt that Kaidos top 3 trumps Big Moms.

      I don’t know about Kaidos overall forces being “evidently more mighty” as shown so far.

      We have yet to see how strong the Tobi Roppo are,so i will withhold my judgement on them for now.
      Hopefully they’ll prove to be strong and match the likes of Oven, Daifuku, Perospero, Snack and Compote.Like you say.

      As for the Headliner and Gifters i don’t agree with you.They are much to weak imo,not much better then fodder.

      I’m missing the Beast Pirates equivalents to Tamago,Pekoms,Amande,and a whole bunch of other characters i actually would rate higher then the Headliners
      This might anger some but I don’t count Hawkins and Apoo because they joined very recently(unclear about Apoo)
      There should already have been crew members of that level prior to them joining.
      Hawkings Excluded i can’t see any other strong Headliner.

      There’s always a discussion to be had about Power levels and all that,i won’t go into it now.
      Dissagree if you want to.

      I said in my previous post “top-middle-bottom” I don’t see much middle in the Beast Pirates.
      Just Top-Bottom,with very little in between.Is what i should have said.
      The top seems very strong,but after that……..i can’t see it.

      But that can change.
      All of my critic so far have been up until this moment in the story.
      That will all change if the numbers are any good,or some other decent characters are introduced.



  5. how come tobi roppo are not the same as the gifters when the lower ranks should rise up in case one of the higher ups die or leave the group.. the lower tier are an abomination, the whole beast pirates lower tier are a joke.


  6. I dont understand why who’s who thinks that one of the Tobbi Roppo should take the place of one all star instead of a Number. Are Numbers bellow Tobbi Roppo in rank, or are Numbers unable to get to an other rank?


  7. also just to point out, out of all the tobi roppo, X Drake is the only one WITHOUT horns, so that is another thing that might hint that he an undercover agent


  8. Don’t worry, I do not judge you or anything for your opinion! 😉

    The Flying Six must be strong, as someone as X.Drake, who is roughly 2 years in this crew, makes it “only” up to this point. And believe, X. Drake is no fodder. The other ones, as they discussed who would become the next All-Star after Jack etc. dies, must have as well a high capability.

    In my opinion, you overestimate Big Mom’s other children. Most of them really are not special. But you are right, Tamago, Pekoms, Amande, Mont D’Or and Bobbin are stronger than your average Headliner/Gifter. But I think that quantity would win over quality.
    Besides, do not forget that Holdem, Babanuki, Daifugo etc. were up against a strong opponent, Luffy, so no chance for them to shine here 😉
    Bobbin vs Luffy would be also a quick and easy match.

    And don’t forget that on top of that, there are the Numbers which are no fodder as well.
    Physically, Kaido’s crew is THE top, though they lack “surprise/mystery” devil powers.


    • One cannot always agree on everything 😁 But that’s okay,nothing wrong with that.

      I’m not doubting the Flying Six,all i am saying is wait and see before hyping them up to much,the same goes for the Numbers.
      Sometimes we fans tend to get ahead of ourselves in our hype.

      I know people that were convinced Shogun Orochi was going to be a great samurai,even thought he was going to be the second strongest opponent in wano…..i guess it could still happen 😂

      Quantity rarely beats quality in OP
      I think we have seen that many times during the story.

      I respect your opinion,but i still think the Headliners are too weak.
      Luffy was wearing seastone cuffs against Daifugo and Dobon(can’t remember if they where on or off against Babanuki),he was nerfed……..Yes,it was Luffy..and i’m not demanding miracles,but had they been decent fighters i would have expected them to last longer….just a little longer lol


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