Chapter Secrets – Chapter 977 in-depth analysis

Hello everyone! As you might’ve seen on my social media, I decided to delay this Chapter Secrets by a week to come out during the break instead. This wasn’t a particularly long analysis, but it was important for me to take this week off. For more information, please refer to this.

However, we should be back on schedule for now, so no worries! Thank you for your patience and let’s get on with the analysis!

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  1. Thanks for the analysis Artur.
    One thing I can add is that this “mysterious figure” that you cannot identify is one of the Numbers (see Numbers’ panel). In this chapter, their drinking problem is even referenced again quite evidently.
    Besides, I’m looking forward to your Reverie Project.


  2. I am actually looking forward to when Big Mom STABS Kaido. Cause she is gonna betray Kaido no matter what. I think the first big BLOW on Kaido will come from Big Mom. Thats how the alliance will defeat the beast pirates without facing Kaido directly.
    Big Mom might go down in a very respectfull way ( like Whitebeard but not as beloved as him) while indirectly supporting the alliance,


    • Big Mom and Kaido are doing very well together, so I really believe that Big Mom and Kaido will face Luffy, Kid, Law, Zoro and Killer. A 2 yonko versus 5 supernovas. It will fit Zoro’s position of getting Enma, and i really hope to see a stronger Sanji vs King cause he looks a very fitting opponent for him.


  3. I still can’t buy Katakuri becing Kaido’s son strictly on the premise that that would imply Daifuku and Oven are also his sons. It would seem weird to single him out above the rest. I know we like Katakuri and have a huge bias over him, but I doubt its him. People have been speculating it could be the guy we saw on Chapter 692 which I’m more inclined to agree, but for the whole son thing I doubt its anyone in the Charlotte family.

    Legs and shoes don’t show much, but I guess we’ll find out next chapter so I’m not too worried about who’s in the Tobi Roppo for now.

    Also, the held off celebration to Jinbe’s recruitment still gives me faith that Carrot may end up joining with them.


    • I also am in favor of the theory that Kaido’s son is the broker, who wanted to let know Jack about the situation in Punk Hazard. His horns (they are natural) and his coat that is similar to Kaido’s are quite powerful hints. He was btw introduced even earlier, in chapter 675 😉


  4. EDIT: if you ever make a theory about the broker being Kaido’s son, please reference my thoughts as such 🙂


  5. In the anime Sanji didn’t finish off Page One. He ran away once Law, Usohachi and Franosuke managed to get away.


  6. “the first time that all the Straw hats have been together in one single panel in 7 years….last time was chapter 701,back in 2013”
    That is so depressing,but a true testament to the fact that the straw hats as a group just aren’t important anymore.
    Like it or not,they have been replaced by the likes of Law,Kidd and the various allied groups.

    “But if he*s still here then that would make that scene redundant”
    Something i think could be said for alot of the Wano arc.
    Wano has been a constant disappointment.

    I know i’m going to get hate for this,but One Piece has (imo) gradually gotten worse over the last 2 years.


  7. Yeah if Page One is still a member of the Six and if he looks clean with no damage that really does make the Sanji page one fight useless


  8. The last shoe kinda reminds of me of Gin from the Baratie arc. So maybe Gin returns as a member of the Flying Six?

    People have been theorizing that Gin would return as a member of the Beast Pirates, and those theories have merit. Gin IS a type of card game after all, which fits with the overall theme of the Beast Pirates and their subordinates.


  9. R.I.P. to all “Gin is part of Flying Six” theories 😀

    But I’m still certain that the bald broker from Punk Hazard, calling Jack, is Kaido’s son ☝️


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