Chapter Secrets – Chapter 976 in-depth analysis

This week’s Chapter Secrets was a little behind, as may be next week’s, but I hope you can be patient. Regular scheduling will be back soon. For now, let’s go through this chapter!

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    • I can’t tell if you’re trolling haha..? She’s closer than the arc allies, sure, an honorary member, but she didn’t join. Every straw hat accepted luffys invitation, like Jinbe did back on fman island. She refused. Im not saying she isn’t a close ally, but to say they’re not complete without her is like saying Paulie, Carrot or Kinemon are members too. She’s not an official member, and you know that.
      Yes, if Alabasta is buster called, she’s hunted by Im sama & the WG, and she wanted to join, she’d totally immediately be welcomed on board.. but she’s not a member, and you can’t say this isn’t the full crew reunited because of that


      • Are u kidding, Vivi didnt refused to join, she loves to but cant. Anyway if she join Robin wouldnt sneak into Merry at first .


  1. Glad to see that Jinbe is finally OFFICIALLY recognized as a Straw Hat. Such a long time between when the invitation was given to now is being paid off in full. Jinbe, Knight of the Sea/First Son of the Sea: Helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates! 10th Straw Hat Member and 9th member to join Luffy.

    If you think we’re done with last minute additions to the ally force, keep in mind that Nekomamushi and the Guardians as well as the remnant forces of the WB Pirates are on their way to help with the attack as well. Kiku and Izo are siblings so their reunion is to be expected and we need to see the “full power of the Mink Tribe” in action.

    And speaking of the Minks, I’m fairly certain you know very well why Oda keeps including Carrot with the Straw Hats. For a supposedly minor and inconsequential character with no agency to the arcs at hand, it sure is strange that he keeps including her in literally everything that they do, right? And we still know very little about her when compared to most characters who are this involved with the Straw Hats.


  2. Great job, but are you being a little busy lately? ’cause I didn’t look you being deeper analyze like usual, you don’t mention about Wano artillery at all, even you don’t talk about how confuse Law and Kidd seeing Jinbe join strawhat. That’s just a memorable moment. Despite being along with the strawhat, there’s a many things that Law didn’t about Luffy, his connection with Nefertari, Sabo, even with Ryuugu Kingdom.


    • Arthur is busy finishing some other projects that are very close, like some fan chapters about reverie, and also translate all of the last SBS so i agree with the argument that was a less deeper analysis but in this case i really don’t think he is to blame or even taht is wrong.


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