Volume 96 SBS Question Corner

I apologize for not getting out the previous 2 SBS, but just translating one takes quite a lot of work, particularly having to typeset it this way. This one took quite a while to put together, but I hope you enjoy it!

One Piece Volume 96 Preface

One Piece Volume 96 SBS 1One Piece Volume 96 SBS 2One Piece Volume 96 SBS 3One Piece Volume 96 SBS 4One Piece Volume 96 SBS 5One Piece Volume 96 SBS 6One Piece Volume 96 SBS 7One Piece Volume 96 SBS 8One Piece Volume 96 SBS 9One Piece Volume 96 SBS 10One Piece Volume 96 SBS 11

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    • Is shanks is stronger than mihawk ?

      Is zoro already surpasses mihawk??

      Is luffy already surpasses shanks if he manage to use his gear 5 ?


  1. On the roger pirates there are 2 members Oda did not draw or identify tho.
    (At the image link below) Those two Below Sunbell, who are they?


    • As Oda explains, these are only the important members. There’s a bunch of others who are just random fodder who really don’t have specific designs and were made on the spot. So the ones here are the core members of Roger’s crew, while the others are the other less relevant members


  2. I know pronouns don’t work the same way in English and Japanese, but does the O-Kiku question use female pronouns or talk about her as a woman in an obvious way in the original Japanese too?


    • Japanese doesn’t use gender-specific pronouns when referring to someone else. However, the question is answered on the concept of Kiku being female, hence the possible reluctance at bathing in mixed baths


      • So I’m confused. Does that mean that the question was asked in a neutral way and the female pronouns added by translation choice? Or did OdaCause if kiku is a full female why is he grouped in with the “red sccabbard men” and referred to by Oda himself as “Izo’s younger brother”?


      • II’m confused on the question of kiku taking a bath. You state its made on the concept of kiku being female and that japanese doesn’t use gender specific pronouns. So was the question and answer originally gender neutral or kiku being referred to as female with quotations around the word. I ask this cuz I saw a translation that was like that. I want to understand the translation so I can respect Kiku according to author’s intentions.


  3. Im confused How Kiku taller than Izo when he jump up into future and his brother didnt.???
    and btw for Roger Crew, that guy behind Roger and Marine he defeat was looks like Bullet


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