Chapter Secrets – Chapter 971 in-depth analysis

We’ve finally gotten here, to the execution of Kouzuki Oden! This moment was first brought up 4 years ago in 2016 and we finally got to see it! Wait… four?! Really?! Man… I even analyzed when that was first mentioned back then…

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  1. Awesome analysis as always!
    But isn’t it oil in the marmit instead of water ?
    The french translation says oil, and the guy who fall into the pot got really fried !
    And oil temperature is way higher than boiling water. So this detail is really important because what Oden is suffering right now is beyond imaginable.


    • I’ve been reading your articles since forever, but today I realised there is indeed a comment section, LOL! I regret it, I should’ve been… Arrgh laisse tomber!
      Thank you for the efforts and dedication, don’t exhaust yourself buddy.

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  2. In the Chinese version (both 970 and 971), it is oil. It’s truly a tragety. I wonder what it will be modified in the anime. The anime will modify the plot to decrease brutality (white beard lost half of his face in manga, he just lost half of his beard), but the brutality is too important here.
    Can’t wait to see next chapter, I guess Oden’s decision (to dance 5 years but not directly start a war against kaido) is associated to what he know from Laugh Tale. Also we may learn some thing from toki.


    • Well it definitely was, he clarified that with Toki. Roger and Oden discovered Poseidon and Joy Boys reincarnation would appear in 20 years, and it leads to the Dawn, fishman rising to the surface and the country crushed by the red lines destruction, wano opening borders, and the leader finding Raftel/Rio Poneglyph like they did, so it’s key to hold out hope


    • It can’t be it. Bonclay has the Name Mane now, and even if it was taken somehow, it would be too much of a coincidence for it to be at Orochi’s service again.


  3. Great analysis as ever but I think that something here didn’t had the importance that it desserved (at least for me), first is the point that finally is showed the real intentions of Orochi, he doesn’t want to reign on Wano, he wants to destroy Wano and that is a huge difference, and the motive is revenge for his “bloodline” (if we want to say it like that), until now I have hated Orochi with all my heart, but seeing that panel of all his family being chased, tortured, killed for the mistake of their “leader”… And how Orochi was cowering in fear waiting for the time of his death really clicked something inside me… Right now we are hating Orochi because all that he has done to Wano and Oden, but aren’t we asking the same now? Now Momo is the one that had his parents killed by Orochi, his family chased (with the difference of the people of Wano because it seems that in the end they will realize the sacrifice of Oden, but for Orochi was even the people of Wano the one killing his family), so now we are asking for Orochi to be boiled to death too… So then the circle of hatred will be repeated over and over… That’s why Momo will be the one that will break this circle and wil forgive Orochi, he surely will be sent to jail on Kuri or something, but won’t be killed, gladly it seems that Orochi doesn’t have family, but if they exist the won’t be chased like happened with the Kozukis or the Kurozumis… I know that this is a difficult topic, one thing is the story that Oda is selling us with the brave Oden and another thing is the real story of Wano and what has been happening there for centuries…

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    When Kaido talks with Oden he says “there might be well a spy inside your palace” after some panels we see Yasuie in the palace with O-Toki, Momo and Hiyori, by which they react “Lord Yasuie!?” which indicates they are surprised he came. Another suspicious panel is when Yasuie is telling O-Toki that she must be prepared if Oden is going to be beaten, to which she reacts very weirdly, and indicating that Oden has no chance of wining the battle because he is going straight into a trap. In another panel when Oden and the 9 red scabards are arrested we see Yasuie very calm sitting outside the castle in the rain. “Before Yasuie died” he was the one to change the promised harbour from Habu to Tokage, which later resulted in the ambush of the allied forces against Orochi and Kaido. We should not forget that Orochi was first introduced as Yasuie’s servant. Which can mean that it was him who sent Orochi to Oden, and used his family history of the Korozumi against the Kouzuki family, manipulating him with the story of the Old Hag and Semimaru. Maybe Yasuie is the mastermind behind the curtains and wanted to overthrow the Kouzuki family, being a Daymio for a long time it’s is quite usual for them to get greedy of the throne and being the Shogun, or maybe the Shimotsuki family had also problems with the Kouzuki family in the past, which can be related why Zoro’s Master has exiled from Wano long time ago. Yasuie is also Shimotsuki. The first time we were introduced with Yasuie he was wandering in Kuri and met with Zoro, maybe gathering information from place to palce. During the whole time he was “portrayed” as and old “fool” helping poor people, which gives him a perfect cover and alibi of not getting suspect! A perfect Spy. And the last proof is that during his meetings with Oden and Sukiyaki, maybe the old hag was impersonating as Yasuie and had the possibility to touch them and they lowered their guard of not suspecting anything, because he was a trustful person to them.
    I don’t think Yasuie is dead, with the help of Orochi and O-Toko (with his father to daughter relationship, Oda threw us all off to not suspect him) he faked his death and his execution was all a lie. Everything was a big theatral show. Furthermore, I think he and O-Toko were laughing for real during his execution, and it was not the side effect of the SMILE df. They laughed so hard because they fooled the whole nation and all us readers into believing them. And by having a perfect coverage, because Oda already introduced many people in Wano with the side effects of SMILE df, we would never doubt they were just acting the whole time.
    And lastly, during the fight with Kaido, when Oden was distracted by Momo being kept as hostage, he already realized Yasuie is a spy, and because of that he let his guard down and was hit by Kaido.
    It is also suspicious why O-Toko is hanging around with Komurasaki, and remember it was O-Toko who exposed and put Komurasaki in danger eith Orochi. Because being close to Oden’s family and watching her grow I am sure Yasuie recognizes her as Hiyori, and set O-Toko as his accomplice to gather information as well.
    It was precisely that letter which Oden sent to Yasiue, that exposed his secret plan to overthrow Kaido and Orochi. And don’t forget that Oden trusted Yasuie and he was the only one to be told asides the 9 Red Scabards and O-Toki.
    Yasuie is the only Daymio to survive for 20 years under Orochi’s terror. It’s just coincidence. I don’t believe so!
    And another proof is that in manga we never have seen Yasuie getting a direct shot by Orochi.
    If you have time please reread chapters from 940 to 943, everything is there.


  5. Can you check on the fact that when Kin’emon, Denjiro and Kiku are running to the pot Denjiro has bandages (same as all of the others) and when they are all on top of Oden, Denjiro is the only one that hasn’t?


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