Chapter Secrets – Chapter 970 in-depth analysis

Didn’t get much sleep tonight, so enjoy an early Chapter Secrets this time I guess!

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30 chapters to go!


  1. I don’t think that the horns on kaido’s subordinates grow because of SMILE as we have seen a number of hornless SMILE users e.g Holdem, Dobon and Speed. Also chapter 809 seems to suggest that it is a racial trait when Wanda comments that the beast pirates are ‘strange’ and perphaps from an ‘unfamiliar species’.


  2. Thanks for the Chapter Secrets!
    I was wondering, the hand that stabbed Ashura does not seems to be King, because he always wears black clothes and black gloves. In that time, he could be using different clothes from the actual time, but i think it is a great change since he is still using his hat with “horns”.


    • I have looked the panel that Ashura gets stabbed and that is not Kings hand holding the sword unless back then he didn’t wear the same outfit he does now


  3. Hi, thanks for the nice review as usual. A small mistake on Toki sent 4 retainers with Momo (Kin, Kan, Raizo and Kiku), not 5. Best


  4. That dont look like the hand of King at all (when ashura got stab) !! (leather and everything). Maybe its the hand of the traitor


  5. What do you think about this theory Artur:
    The hand that is stabbing Ashura Doji has a ring bracelet and the only character that has such a bracelet is Denjiro. The panel with King after the stabbing is a distraction. Also there is no way Ashura Doji will give his back to the enemy he is facing. So I think he was facing King, but was stabbed in the back.


    • Great idea! I’ve seen people say it’s not King, since otherwise the hand would be covered in his leather outfit, but I didn’t think of it as possibly being the traitor backstabbing someone! Denjirou was seen with similar bracelets at the start of the flashback, so it’s certainly possible!

      This could lend more credence to Denjirou being Kyoushirou, having given that position via the betrayal. That said, if that is the case, I’d hope for a legitimate twist where he isn’t the traitor, but willingly helping the Kouzuki clan. And instead, there being a new traitor, or something like that.


      • Denjiro isn’t Kyoushirou. The anime showed his silhouette and he looks nothing like Kyoushirou. Denjiro is skinny with an extremely long pony tail.

        Denjiro can’t be the traitor since he isn’t in the current story yet and wouldn’t know that they’re about to attack Kaido to be able to warn Orochi.


      • Haha I’ve been rereading the arc again, and of course going through yours as well.. they’ve gone hand in hand for me for years now

        But I’m actually really stoked you pointed out that it’s odd hag could mimic momo without touching his face..that tripped me out on the reread, maaaybe she could sneak in as someone known and touch him before all this, anticipating she’d need it..?
        Or hell, maybe she’s more skilled than Bon & can just do it on sight alone


  6. I don’t think Doffy invented the smiles. It’s possible that they were already being produced on a much smaller scale. Then when Doffy became Joker he turned it into a mass production operation.


  7. Hello. It’s my first time leaving a comment here but i always follow your analysis and i love them. I have to say tho that in chapter 920 im sure at some part i see Kawamatsu infront of the castle burning along with the 4 other scabbards, but somehow he fell behind? Weird. He also was jailed for 13 years it says right? Why didnt they boil him too? Weird again. Orochi at first didnt believe the story of 9 samurai coming from the past. later he suddenly knows their plan too? i am not very good at analysis but since the Carrot being the traitor is a goodbye now, can you look into Kawamatsu being the traitor or anything? He looks like a positive character overall, but i have my doubts. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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  8. Dear Artur, thank you as always for the Huge work! I’d want to share two thoughts:
    1. about the paper lantern granny in the introduction, could that scene represent a ‘musical’ or ‘narrator’ introduction to the story, with the introduction itself being made at the present time? this would seem to me more consistent with a play on a stage (from the present, narrators bring us spectators back in time to tell us a story – a flashback,in this case-), instead of putting the musicians playing 20 years back from current time).
    2. what about the astonishing parallel: Luffytaro defeated by Kaido and imprisoned,seen in bandages, with annoyed pose….. and Oden defeated by Kaido and imprisoned ,seen in bandages, with annoyed pose!!


  9. Wasn’t it possible for Higurashi to masquerade as someone from Oden’s castle (maybe a handmaid, or even… Toki or Hiyori herself??) and entered the castle to spy on it? That would probably answer the question of who was the spy in Oden’s castle and how she got to touch Momonosuke’s body. After all, she had masqueraded as Oden and fooled everyone in Sukiyaki’s castle, I’d believe that she can fool anyone in Oden’s castle the same.

    (That doesn’t answer who’s the traitor in the present, but I believe it may be a red herring to fool us by Oda that the traitor might be the same person)


  10. Anyone think Kaido’s obsession with suicide came because of this one moment. Oden had him. He inflicted his first real wound and could have killed him. Kaido’s life was on the line and dying to such a warrior would have been a good death, but then his life was spared due to the Kurozumi grandma’s underhanded tactics. Now Kaido has sunken into alcoholism and suicide attempts because every battle after Oden hasn’t brought him anywhere near close to death’s door in the slightest


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