Chapter Secrets – Chapter 966 in-depth analysis

Man, what a chapter. Seriously, no, what a legendary chapter. This was some of the most fun I’ve had analyzing a chapter in such a long while. It’s taken me almost 30 uninterrupted hours of work and passionate research, rereading, piecing together and writing it down, as well as an entire sleepless night, but this might be one of my best analysis yet! Enjoy!!

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Alright, are you ready? Be prepared, because we’re diving into deep One Piece lore here and put the puzzle pieces together! Get some immersive music to listen to (I’d recommend something like this) and get ready, as it’s time to analyze the secrets of the final island!

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Have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Very great analysis, as always!
    But didn’t you forget to analyze Blackbeard’s part of the chapter?
    (Sorry for my bad English)


  2. I’m not entirely convinced that it’s supposed to be “Road Star” and not “Lode Star”, which would be transliterated exactly the same way in Japanese.

    Historically, the word “lodestar” indicates any star used as a point of reference for navigation, while the proper noun “Lode Star” is a synonym for Polaris, the most commonly-used among such stars.


    • You make a very valid point, but the kanji used here is for course/road/path, so I think Road is more correct, especially with the road poneglyphs being tied heavily to it. Of course we can’t tell for sure, but the kanji definitely weighs it towards the Road side


  3. I state the obvious, but the chapter was really insane. Maybe the next one will be called “Gold and Oden” like the song named by Oda.

    Anyway, amazing work, Artur.

    And by the way, adding a link to music was a good idea


  4. I believe what was said by Roger is he js going to be the Pirate King. The idea is crazy enough to make Whitebeard call him childish.

    Thats why it is such a big deal to Shanks when Luffy said he wants to be a Pirate King. Leading Shanks giving him the iconic strawhat of Roger.

    “He said the same thing as Captain Roger” – Shanks


  5. Man, this flashback is making me want to be Oden friend to, will be very sad see him dying boiled.

    The 4th road poneglyph was not the one Roger had printed in road star and show in the talk with Oden and WB??

    Or could this already be the Big Mom one. Other thing wil be how she had get one of them, perhaps she had a ideia about them from Rocks time, with the stone been one that she inherited from her ex-captain.

    Would to explain why Kaido know about the conections of Wano and the Poneglyphs, thus putting the reason why he invaded the country and try to extract info from Oden.

    Ray and Roger talking about babies makes me feel that Buggy and Shanks are there for quite a long time, perhaps since the God Valley incident, as the two would be 1 year at the time. Giving theorys of Shanks being Rocks son some more space, even if i personaly wouldnt like Shanks being a D.


    • I’m 80% sure that Shanks is a D.
      As i’m thinking Oda is hiding people full names like Law and Sanji. Another that is always on my mind is Nami cause we don’t even know her real parents.


  6. What an amazing and detailled analysis. Very good job as usual!

    I am really excited about a potential meeting between Gaban and Luffy – that would be so nice! This chapter really showed us that there is so much more we need to learn, not only about the future, but also about the past. Oda is making Roger exactly like I imagined and it’s a huge pleasure to see him like this! And sooooo strong!

    Continue the great work! Always a pleasure to read you every week

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  7. the moment i finished reading your content at the same time the music ended (xenoblade chrono 2 bgm you recommended) make me goosebump haha


  8. Shouldn’t the last road be named Log Star? You know, with the Log pose being the thing that allows sailors to navigate through the worlseas of One Piece.


  9. wow, the story of Roger in Skypiea. I read the epilogue of Skypea Arc in 2004 when I still in college. and now after 15 years, it’s finally revealed! Oda is truly genius. his story telling is the best! 😀

    next chapter will continue Roger’s adventure. most likely eventually reach Laugh Tale. if this the case, we might finally ‘see’ One Piece. but perhaps off screen :p

    anyway, thanks Artur for detailed explanation. can’t wait for the next Monday 🙂


  10. Absolute treasure of a chapter and analysis Artur-dono, always delighted and excited to read this, for that I thank you. Might I just point to the fact that rayleigh is shown to wield two swords especially in the panel where he’s seen leading the charge alongside scopper ! Could one sword be Gryphon and the other the one he used on Saboady ?? yes I think the sword in his left hand is the one he shows up with on amazon lily, simply because they both seem to lack the arch laden grip , and since the rest of the grip, of the same sword, is obscured it might be a double-grip sword, so yes has that sword is still in Rayleigh’s possession up until this point but what about the other saber ? I don’t think it is gryphon after all, why because Rayleigh seems to hold it in a single grip contrary to Roger who used both hands, now Gryhon is a very large sword as regards its grip, look at the panel where he clashes with whitebeard when he draws the sword specifically, and the panel where he stops akainu, come on don’t tell me that’s not a double-gripped saber, it’s definitely Rogers, without alluding to the fact that it goes with the narrative, in the swords Encyclopydia you mentioned the grip was gold ,(GOLD ROGER lool), and was changed later to green in the anime !


    • It’s a lot to process! You’re probably right, this may be one of your best analysis to this point and it certainly shows

      I’m sure Roger found the One Piece, but the nature of it or its world-changing factor required someone or something else to bring the world-shaping event the WG fears so much

      I found weird you assumed Roger said he’d become PK. I still believe both Luffy and Roger said something else…

      All of this feels like a huge setup for the epic finale. As Strange would put it: “we’re in the endgame now”

      I loved your analysis and the theory you included there. The way you explained it all was mind blowing!

      I have nothing else to add so, Happy Holidays! I hope you have a good time


  11. stunning analysis, I read with your recommeded music and it was so amazing I almost teared up, I want toask what you think about rayleigh saying tha holding momonosuke reminds him of the ols days, is oda implying rayleigh already had and raised a child? possibly mihwak? I don’t think oda would place that line ar random


  12. This is unrelated to the current chap, but what if the name of that ancient civilization… the one name that would bring chaos to the world as it is….is WAN(t) PEACE


  13. Impressive analysis!
    As a 10-year OP fan from China, I read alittle slowly because I am learning English. Still, it’s so exciting and lucky to find someone so dedicated to this legendary series. I am planning to read through more excellent works of you!

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  14. I know I’m late, but I was re-reading.
    Didn’t you notice that Capone Bege’s bounty changed?

    His bounty, previous to Whole Cake was 300,000,000…
    However, if my eyes aren’t malfunctioning, the poster says 350,000,000.

    I think it’s weird that you didn’t notice, since you are so meticulous with your reviews.

    But, anyways, nice job. 😀

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