Chapter Secrets – Chapter 960 in-depth analysis

At last, the story of Oden! Really excited for this flashback, loving it so far!

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  1. Kinemon mentioned an older brother when he was being scolded by O-Tsuru. Given how Tsuru acknowledged his existence, it’s not like Kinemon was making up a sob story to gain sympathy. I’m thinking his older brother is Kyoshiro. Kyoshiro has light hair, just like Kinemon did in his younger years. The “classic Japanese style faces” seem to be caused by aging, so Kyoshiro in present time should realistically be around the same age as Tsuru (meaning he was born around the same time as Kinemon). He’s uber tall like Kinemon (though a lot of Wano people are too). Just a random thought after reading the chapter.


  2. In one “Japanese mythology” story, a big white boar is presented as one of the forms taken by the god of Mt. Ibuki in Shiga prefecture. This god who take the shape of a white boar is also call “The Moutain God” like in the chapter. Maybe, Oda take some inspiration from that .. ^^ Little fun fact, This is also one of the inspirations for the creation of Okkotonushi who appears in Princess Mononoke.


  3. No one remembered the giant boar that brought all other boars because humans had killed a young strong boar, from the movie princess mononoke? And the hercules link was quite interesting… how hercules died?


  4. Hello,
    could Sukiyaki’s advisor be a younger Fukurokuju ? Besides the It was said that he changed his allegiance to Orochi.

    I would add one piece – had to say it – to the Herakles / Oden parallelism. As part of his labors, Herakles had to slay the Lernean hydra. Hydra, Yamata no Orochi anyone ? 😀

    Oda is truly masterful.


  5. I think Denjirou and Koushirou are twins/ cousins or something. Got separated som dacades ago. Just like those SIMILARE carpenters Oda spoke of in the SBS. Denjirous backstory is revealed through SBS.


  6. According to Koushirou’s viver car, his age now is 52, so at in chapter 960 flashback he was 11 (age 52- flashback 41). Kinmon in this flashack age is 15, now his age supposed to be 56 (36+20 year time travel). This confirms Koushirouis is younger than Kinmon and around the same age of the kid Denjuro.

    Though, the opening messed up everything!! Supposing Kyoshiro is Denjuro, he should be around the same age of Koushirou. May be they are relative or something like that..


  7. At this point i can only speculate that Denjiro is Koshiro’s brother. I don’t think that the statement “orphan” in Denjiro’s introduction note is random. Lets guess that Kouzaburou is the father of these two, he left around 50 years ago with only one of them (Koshiro, while still was baby) and left his other son behind (maybe with his mother at that moment?) Later Denjiro being and orphan was given his name (Denjiro). Later he chose his family name (Kyoshiro) and changed his appearance (to trick Orochi?)

    For the sword, i do not think that it’s the Wado Ichimonji, nor a second crafted such as something like “Nimonji”. A possible scenario i can think of is that it’s a fake, an imitation of the original sword. We see him trying to scam others, so he could do so with his sword for many reasons.

    At the end, it’s Oda. The best thing he does is surprising us.


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