Chapter Secrets – Chapter 955 in-depth analysis

The second act is finally over! What lies ahead next week? And what lies ahead at Onigashima? We’ll know soon enough!

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    • Ahah I like what you did with the ending curtain.

      Nice touch.

      Thanks as always.

      By the way I agree, that is not Hiyouri, but non necessarily she’s a foe.

      Oda’s writing is so nice to read.


      • @Mudigno yeah its definitely her, shes played the shamisen to open and close each act on Wano,
        plus she had the mask before and that’s the same outfit
        don’t understand what you mean about necessarily being a foe though?

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    • haha yeah, it would be cool to have a breakdown of the forces, stakes, key combatants, developments and connections in some graphs and images

      although, ive already reread the arc like 5 times since it began haha, it only takes an hour or so


    • Hey Artur, have you seen the One Piece Nissin Cup Noodle commercials? It features the SH crew in a high school environment. The ads are well made and FULL with OP characters and references. Perhaps you can do something like a “video Secrets”. It’ll be fun!


    • Kanjuro %100 is the traitor here is why…
      First of all traitor know that Raizo was in zou.
      Only ones that can know this are Minks and Momonosuke Team [ Raizo , Kanjuro , Kinemon ]
      Because only Raizo Kanjuro and Kinemon come from the past and no one know this was going to happen [ it was a myth ]
      They sail to get help from Minks. [ if i don’t remember wrong no one even know they are back ]
      Raizo can’t be traitor because he is the one who protecting the Phonegrif [ Still might be because he was chained ]
      Kinemon can’t because he try to save momo he could easily kill him or give to kaido but instead try to save him.
      Minks might be but they fight against Jack so it is un likely.

      Can you belive a Samurai that equal to Neko and İnu get captured ? No %100 He is the traitor.
      So he sit there and eat his drawings ?

      Other hand it might be Ashura Doji he is the only one that still roam around free…

      But for sure it is Kanjuro he is fishy 😀


      • Man,
        Sorry to interrupt yout theory but u forgot something very important.
        When Momo Team arrives in Wano after the time travel, they meet with O-KIKU and then, they said to her/him (???) where they about to go (Zou). So thats a gap in the theory, O-KIKU already knews about ZOU and MORE IMPORTANTLY, perhaps O-Kiku reported this to SHINOBU! Well… after that, happened Jack’s invasion. Think about it. Shinobu or O-Kiku are my guess. But also, i cant desagree with you about Kanjurou strange behavior.


      • Traitor is not Okiku. If he was the one leaking the info to Jack/Kaido about Raizou in Zou, then why not telling about Momo, Kinemon and Kanjurou? Becouse he never knew that only Raizou landed at Zou, he was convinced that the all 4 scabbards landed on Zou, not only Raizou. So the traitor must be either Raizou, Kinemon, Kanjurou or Momo himself. We can exlude Raizou, it’s stupid to snitch about self. Momo ofcource he’s not the traitor. Kinemon is to devoted to the cause. Only the Kanjurou is fishy about everything. He was there when Kawamatsu bombed them with info about lady Hyori being alive and well in Ringo. Also he was the one to let Law go rescue his crew. And convieniently after that Hawkins was already there waiting for Law with the puppets of his crew, like he knew He’ll show up. Also Kanjurou was with brook, Nami, Shinobu and Robin when they decided to go to public bath, after getting intel about weapon deal. And who shortly after showed up at the bath? Hawkins and Drake. To much coincidences… too much. And also, he didn’t do nothing to the cause, unlike Shinobu.


  1. Tama would remember Momo is her brother. And Momo would have recognized her. I think Komurasaki is Hiyori: her crying, memories and reactions are too accurate for her to be an impostor. I don’t think Kawamatsu would have been fooled by an impostor either. IMO her and Momo not meeting until after the battle is just for plot convenience. The reasons both of them give are a bit cheap though.


  2. I think that Momo and Hiyori not meeting up yet is because this will make the chance of atleast one of them surviving the ordeal greater and so ensuring one of them to become a leader in Wano after the Kaido incident. Law is most likely the one to plot within a plot, having convinced atleast Hawkins and perhaps also Drake to go against Kaido and also Big Mom when the fighting starts, i wonder if they told him about the alliance of Kaido and BM and this is why he has not yet shown up with the others? Carrot and her smile can go two ways imo, either she is planning something and betrayed the alliance ( which i find hard to digest really ) or she is more confident now and is ready to avenge Pedro and proof herself ot be a real musketeer in his memory. I do hope we will see more about Sanji and his raidsuit, otherwise it will mean that there is only big growth for Luffy and Zoro. And the amount of men to come and fight? Well we still are missing out on Jinbei who was staying behind with the Sun Pirates in order to ensure the escape of the SHs… Perhaps he and the SP will join the fray 😉


  3. The alliance is gonna get destroyed.
    they are outnumbered, outguned, they don´t have territory advantage, they don´t care about the traitor, they don´t mention the fact that they need to deal with two YONOS.

    This is so obvious, they are gonna get dragon breath by Kaido. 4200 men are finished, UNLESS the Revolutionary with Sabo, the marines with ADMIRALS, grand fleet, Marco with Neko, Jimbe with SP, get there in time and help the ALLIANCE.


  4. Luffy has grown alot stronger now. His armament-hardening covers his whole ARM. If you remember that is how luffy uses armament-hardening when he is GEAR-4th.

    Meaning Luffys armament-hardening in BASE rivals his Gear 4th-form. Not only that, he can use RYUU now to destroy objekts from within without punching it.

    I still think that destroying collar from inside-out (RYUU) is not perfectd yet. He will master it on Kaido, if he does not get one-shoted again that is.


  5. Thanks a lot for all the effort. It’s sad that OroJackson site did not continue but at least you are still there to give us your Chapter Secrets in a weekly basis. Keep it up mate!


  6. I wonder if the Carrot image after talking about the traitor is:
    1) an error;
    2) a suggestion that she is the traitor;
    3) a joke with Oda placing Law after Orochi and that doesn’t meaning anything.
    I vote for the last one. Nice move, if so.


    Zoro is a member of Shimotsuki-clan. The Shimotsukis are the original retainer of the Kozukis (goes way back to Void-century). Zoro protects Hyori who is a Kozuki, which makes Zoro indirectly a retainer as well. SYMBOLIC.


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