Chapter Secrets – Chapter 939 in-depth analysis

I’ve had a nasty fever these days, which is why the release of the vivre cards has taken a bit longer than usual, so I please ask you to be a little bit more patient as I try to work on it, I hope to release it in the following days. Anyways, aside from that, I mustered the strength I had to bring you this Chapter Secrets. It took some effort, but here it is!

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  1. Advanced Arm.haki is not enough to take down Kaido, even if Luffy masters this ability to the same extent as Silvers Rayleigh, it won´t be enough. Because Rayleigh used this art to hurt the elephant, the elephant was hurt. but the elephant got back up. Kaido is WAY stronger than an elephant in fact he has elephant as a sabordinate. and we know the different between a yonko and his top underlings in terms of power.

    I do not know where Oda is going with this?


    • When Raylight showing Luffy how to use that colour of arm.haki to some innocent elephant… why would you think Raylight would use a full power attack on it…? Or you could say that Raylight’s haki and power only manage to hurt Luffy when he poke Luffy’s nose? Imagine if Raylight simply use his full power attack when poking that nose… That would be the end of OP, isn’t it?


    • I think this advanced Armament Haki attack combined with his most powerful attacks (Leo bazooka for example) maybe can give Luffy a significant power up. Also he could attack from a distance perhaps? I wonder if Lucci’s Rokuogan was a form of this advanced armament haki.


    • Mahbob94.. you need use brain sometimes dude, how can you compared elephant and kaido have same degree at this point ??


  2. Maybe UR right, let see where this will be going.

    In my opinion Kings-haki is the answer to defeat Kaido, to be more precis, an awekening of Kings-haki. Big Mom is an awekened Kings-haki user in my opinion. Luffy is spacielly good at using Kings-haki and if he awakens this ability he truly will be a scary figure in the world of One Piece. He truely will be a yonko level then.


  3. Thanks for another great analysis !

    I always thought that the scene with Zoro fighting Mr 1 was him displaying Haki (I mean, he hears the voices of objects, and is able to avoid falling rocks because he knows where they are going to land). So this chapter kind of confirms it…

    I don’t think Oda is retconning here. I think he’s more trying to fit the haki he overshadowed into what really became haki years later and that he probably didn’t think through at that point in the story (kind of the same he’s doing with Sentomaru’s technique in Luffy’s side of the story).

    For me this also highly suggests that what Zoro displayed in Sabondy against the thieves and maybe even at Punk Hazard against Monet were traces of conqueror’s haki !


    • Being able to hears the voices of objects and to avoid falling rocks are the part of observation haki ability, not part of armament. So actually zoro didnt use when he fought mr.1.


    • But if he’s a demon fruit user, he cannot swim in the canal (see in the page 7 in the french edition – during the escape with Komurasaki.


  4. Xcucial
    I wasn´t trying to campare an elephant to Kaido. I was pointing out that Jack in his elephant-form is WAY stronger then the elephant we saw in Ruskaina. if Rayleigh goes full power he can low-diff that elephant, no questions there. So if Luffy masters the same attack he might high-diff Jack given what we saw in Zou-arc (he won´t go down so easily because he took and survived Zunishas attack), this attack that Luffy is learning won´t be as devastating as Zunishas-trunk. so how can you defeat someone who is WAY above Jack in term power level.

    I couldn´t make sense of that and that is why i said that this advanced haki might not be the answer.

    If my logic or head-cannon is flawed, let me know.

    If you disagree, let me know.


  5. I still doubt that woman could be Komurasaki…honestly, if we look back, in her entourage there are several women and Toko. I think that she’s one of those women. Take a close look at them!^^


    • haha what..? she literally talks about her brother Momo and what happened during kaidos attack
      what do you even mean bud?
      I mean when she first ran up to zoro 3-4 chapters ago, you could just recognize her because, its her, but shes introducing herself here and


  6. On Chapter 920 I love Oden, page 16, i think… you can see Kawamatsu looking similar to a Kappa, behind Raizo to his right (left side of the image, down).


  7. Uff, this is an old post. Something I am not clear on: Ryu and goken. Does ryu refer to haki in general or just armament haki? What about goken? My take originally on this was that ryu was just haki and goken is what wano folk called armament haki but people online seem to differ on this.

    And another on different haki types.. Is the implication here that projecting your haki as luffy is learning the same thing as coating a blade or weapon with haki? As in, different applications of the same technique?


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