Chapter Secrets – Chapter 936 in-depth analysis

Today’s the release day of World Seeker, so while I might be busy playing, duty calls for Chapter Secrets! Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, here‘s my early review!

One Piece Chapter 936 1One Piece Chapter 936 2One Piece Chapter 936 3One Piece Chapter 936 4One Piece Chapter 936 5One Piece Chapter 936 6

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  1. I have a theory or fore-sight for Zoro.
    I noticed there are 4 season in Wano island and i think zoro found Ryuuma’s grave on autumn part.
    Because Ryuuma’s sword literally meaning Clear Autumn Water
    Also ryuuma and Zoro share same birthday on November which also belongs to autumn.

    Welp that’s it. Great job as always Arthur have a nice day.


    • It is a sign of the people against Kaido and part of the Strawhat’s Plan. This was explained a couple chapters back.


  2. What I got from Drake’s reaction, was a reaction to “Stealth Black” Hawkins mention that He is also from north blue, so, could it be that Drake is a massive fan of Stealth Black just like Law?, that’s just my interpretation, We will have to wait and see what was his reaction about.


  3. Great review as always!

    Luffy vs Queen will be up next. Because Oda might skip and show us that everyone is defeated except for Queen. Before Big Mom arrives we might get to see Luffy fighting Queen not defeating him but make him reveal his DF and how strong he is? then make his grand escape with everyone.

    I wonder who the traitor is? Can you narrow down the list of suspects, Arthur? It will be very interesting to know your list of suspects.

    This arc looks like is going to surpass Dressrosa, not that I am complaining. Just wanna see more action and Oda is skipping intentionally.


  4. Isn’t the battle on the bridge an allusion to Final Fantasy V when you face Gilgamesh? Or is Final Fantasy V alluding to Benkei vs. Ushiwakamaru?


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