All the new information from Jump Festa 2018 – Reverie returning in 2019!

Jump Festa 2018, the annual convention for Shonen Jump, just took place and with it came a large amount of news regarding One Piece! Here’s a big summary of all the new information from Jump Festa!

– Oda implies that the Reverie will be returning in 2019. In his words, 2019 will be focusing on Wano, with an emphasis on Kozuki Oden’s story, while an unexpected incident will occur at the Reverie. Keep in mind that’s all it says, in what form the Reverie comes back, be it directly, through flashback, just a summary, offscreened, or whatever else isn’t specified

– One Piece STAMPEDE will seemingly have some level of involvement from Oda (similarly to Z and GOLD) and will serve as a celebration of the anime’s 20th anniversary. He says that it’s going to be so big that it might as well feel like the ending of the series. In his words, it almost feels like the anime staff is trying to end the series with how big the stakes are going to be here

– Jinbe will seemingly not appear in STAMPEDE and his design for the movie was not present among that of the Straw Hats

– Character designs for the Straw Hat pirates (minus Jinbe) in STAMPEDE were showcased:

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.44.03 PM copy

– No further information on STAMPEDE was given

– The One Piece anime will reach Wano by 2019, the 20th anniversary is going to be a big year for them where they’ll try their best to repay their gratitude towards the fans


– To celebrate the 20th, all the One Piece TV Specials so far will be available for FREE on the official YouTube channel for a limited time, starting January 1st!

– The 5th Volume of the OP Magazine will release on January 25th 2019. It will include all the sons of the Charlotte Family as well as a physical copy of Zoro’s bounty poster


– The first page of Chapter 929 was showcased at the event:

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 12.42.03 PM

– The One Piece live action series is proceeding smoothly

– Trailer celebrating the 20 years of One Piece anime:

– New cinematic trailer for World Seeker:

That’s all the new important information, most other stuff at the event was rather irrelevant. The event is over, but if there’s other news that arise, I’ll be sure to update this as soon as I can!

Sources for information and pictures:

Official account for the OP site

– @EMUNOPLA (news informer)

– @Ochimusha108 (attendee)




  1. i can’t thank you enough hhhhhhh cuz i’m to lazy to look for the news of op i’m luck that you exist
    and i’m glad i’m a fan of one piece i’m not regretting watching it
    thanks again arthur
    can’t wait for moorr

    Liked by 1 person

  2. luffy cover his backpack with something like elbaf helmet. is that a clue where the story will take place?.
    and also i hope jinbe will make surprise entrance in the movie. please oda-sensei i believe in you.

    thank you arthur, great as always


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