Chapter Secrets – Chapter 926 in-depth analysis

A tamer chapter this week, but it’s expected, given how utterly insane it was last time. With that said, as always, there’s still a lot to look at here, so let’s get started!

Chapter Secrets 926 1Chapter Secrets 926 2Chapter Secrets 926 3Chapter Secrets 926 4Chapter Secrets 926 5Chapter Secrets 926 6

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  1. I am very impressed with Kid being able to keep up with luffy in carring those blocks even though he has one arm, impressive indeed.
    how can they move while chained with sea stone? does it mean other than they are just strong?


  2. Lil mistake to point out: in those panels with Heart Pirates handling those secret papers in wasn’t Law but Bepo! Firstly, bc of a posture and secondly I believe that a part of that person’s chest uncovered by yukata is covered in fur, also thirdly (lol) Bepo obviously would be the one to cover his head with a basket since he’s a (fluffy) bear. :3 haha

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    • Btw, I’m new to your site and I absolutely love all that you do here! Bless you and keep your incredible work going on. 😀
      PS Unfortunately, I don’t think ppl will stop calling Kid as ”Kidd”. Even when they have it written (officially) with big letters. ugh

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  3. Fun chapter, I’m really starting to get excited about all the pieces coming together on Wano!

    Love the white haired Oden supporter that looks straight out of a 70s manga. Been missing Usopp and hoping he gets his moment soon! I’m excited for Nami to learn some kunoichi abilities but with a teacher like that?? Holdem and Dobon makes me wonder about the Smile failures–surely some end up being disasters. Kid and Luffy is already funny and cool as hell.

    Thanks as always Artur. 🙂


  4. I think the Goemon-esque thief might actually be Hiyori. She clearly had a bobcut in the flashback to Oden Castle being burnt to the ground, and the news reports on the culprit being a “boy”, wording which sounds rather odd if the individual is a man likely in his 50s.

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  5. Hi Arthur, thanks for your warm analysis.
    Another view of the cover story came to my mind when I read the your work. Turtle and crane in China alwayse means long live for old people. I wonder if it has something to do with kaido(just if).
    There is also a story in China about a turtle and two swans. The two are very same. Swans took the turtle to its new home with each other has one end of a stick in the mouth, and the turtle bite the middle. It’s the turtle who though of this idea.
    When they flew over a village, people down them saw it and said the swans are way smart to fly with a turtle. However, the turtle got angry and thought in mind that I am the one who thought of it. Time flew and flew, they came across another village. Unfortunately, the same scene happened, the turtle got furious and can’t hold it. The tirtle want to say something, but we saw the turtle falling down when opening its mouth.

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