Chapter Secrets 23 – Chapter 823

Do I have seasons on this? Ah, screw it, Whole Cake Island Arc begins! Make haste!

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Chapter 823 1Chapter 823 2Chapter 823 3Chapter 823 4Chapter 823 5



  1. Burgess contact Lafitte and Shiliew is 1 day ago.. not 2 days ago
    it means Baltigo is detroyed in one day

    I thought it was too fast for them (BB Pirates) to go to a place that doesn’t know where it is located


    • You’re right, sorry. I got confused with the night and thought it was two. However we should keep in mind that Luffy and the others land on Zou in the morning and they leave in the afternoon of the second day. It’s highly improbable that Blackbeard made it there with Burgess’ vivre card in only two~ish days, but not completely impossible. We’ll have to wait and see 🙂


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