Chapter Secrets Special 7 – Zou Arc in review

“Zou, the land of furries atop an elephant”

Keep in mind that this is a rather subjective review because One Piece is something extremely personal for me. I’m usually more objective in my reviews but this is something I had to do on a more personal level.

I know this is not something that will appeal to the every day Joe, but I hope you can at least enjoy it!

Chapter Zou 1Chapter Zou 2Chapter Zou 3Chapter Zou 4Chapter Zou 5Chapter Zou 6.1


One comment

  1. I didn’t get the part where you say: “Say what you want about fanservice, but it’s nice to see characters that aren’t represented exaggeratedly and irrealistically. Female characters deserve more than being sexualized to an extreme”. Because that’s just what I see in Nami and Robin on this post time skip One Piece, just like you said, it’s really escarce the times they do have some development in comparission to the time when they’re just being ‘HUGE BOOBS’ who run. (Just like Zoro were an Mosshead “Problem? Fight!” for a long time in the post time skip). I love One Piece, but I have a really hate for that kind of thing that Oda KEEP doing to them (just like that stupid bs of “women only fight with women”, I think it’s less than 5 times in the whole series that we had an trully woman x man fight (I mean of a REAL fight, like Baroque WORKS/CP9) most of the time Nami and EVEN ROBIN, an super cool “assassin” just give support in the fights.


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