The Library of Ohara in 2023

Hey everyone! A lot of things happened in 2022, from the lows of all my health issues, to the highs of traveling the world to see One Piece Film RED. From all the boring moments to the Gear 5ths and Eggheads. It’s been a year of very lows and very highs for me, but more than anything I think it’s been a pivotal year of change for my life that will lead to a very exciting future ahead. Because of that, I wanted to take the special occasion of this year to talk about my past, my health issues, and finally open up about everything that I went through across this past year. It’s a bit long, but it would mean the world to me if you took the time to watch this video and understand my situation a bit better:

Thank you for everything you’ve given me across the years. There’s a lot I want to achieve over the next year, I want to create a lot of new great content, I want to return to Japan, I want to get healthier, and I want to achieve so many things in my own personal life as well, but above all else I just hope the journey itself can be fun! So I hope you can join me once again on this incredible journey! Thank you 2022 and here’s to a great new era!



  1. Artur you are an amazing nakama and many people including myself love your amazing work, your accurate tranlations, your great writing style and your ideas. Please remember that you always want to live like robin and continue to create content and bring to life through your words whatever you imagine because my friend…IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT
    I hope everything in this new year and the years that follow be positive and pleasant for you
    Greetings from the country of the sun and the sea, Greece.


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