Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1044 in-depth analysis

Hey everyone! It’s been a while.

As you likely might’ve heard, I got very sick last year. I had a serious incident of IBS that led to excruciating pain for several months that basically froze my entire life, and as such, stopped me from working on my content as well. Thankfully, around the turn of the year my situation stabilized itself well enough, and ever since, I’ve mostly been recovering from all the fatigue that accumulated over my trials last year and have been trying to take things easy. I’m still not fully recovered and I do have bouts of pain at times, but at least I’m slowly getting there. While I do feel comfortable enough to make some content here and there, even now I don’t still feel fully ready to go back to weekly analysis, since I still want to give my body more time to recover. So I hope you don’t mind if I take a bit longer to properly come back.

But with that said, Chapter 1044 was so exciting I really wanted to be able to talk about it! I don’t know if I’ve been able to go quite that in-depth with this analysis given my current limits, but I wanted to share my thoughts about the chapter below eitherway. Enjoy!

Similarly, there’s also something about Chapter 1043 that I really wanted to talk about, being the Drums of Liberation, so I made that into a video as well. Watch it below if you are interested in other aspects of Nika from the chapter!



  1. As I read this chapter, I was thinking how much I wished you were better so you could give us your analysis. Welcome back.


  2. What other instances of this are you referencing when you say, “regeneration after defeat, a trait we’ve seen applied to Zoan awakenings?” Thanks for the great analyses!!


  3. Finally he returned to share his insights to us. I am so happy, Artur ist the only one I trust in explaining Odas greatness to us plebs.

    Take your time to heal fully, but I can´t wait for you to continue your awesome work.


  4. Many reviwer says that Luffy has “cartoon” power like Tom&Jerry, he can make everything through his imagination. But when I read your analyisis, so it’s not true then?


  5. Dude, after every freaking weekly chapter I came here to see if you were able to give an analysis to us. I’m really happy that you are recovered enough to bring that again on such special moment in 1044! I love how Oda brought this power up and cant wait for the implications of this from now on!


  6. Glad to see you also in the “writing section” again besides Twitter. As you said, keep the pace for yourself that assures your rest 🙂


  7. After the latest exciting developments in OP, I went around looking at different theories on the forums / YouTube. Then I remembered the greatest commentator of them all, Library of Ohara. I knew you were on hiatus but thought that I should give it a shot.

    So happy that you posted this. Hope you can post more especially with super fast paced developments in the story now! I used to read your chapter secrets every week!! :DD


  8. Welcome back good sir! And thank you! Was a spectacular read! Especially your take on Orochi’s death compared to Oden with the difference in size of flame.


  9. Regarding zoans and wills…. I think this clarifies how giving objects zoan fruit works. Funkfried for example had its own personality which would presumably come from the fruit. You also have Caesar’s Smiley of whom he said they would meet again.

    As far as gear 5 goes.. It’s primary feature would appear to be that he can simply will his body to do what he wants. Thus ridding him of the need to pump air into his bones or muscles. Add to that turning his environment into rubber… And to some extent actual cartoon physics to pummel his enemies with.

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    • Haha oh okay, someone else commented the same thing i did. I was really surprised he didn’t mention this. Funkfreed, the baseball cannon dog, every time we saw inanimate objects “fed” devil fruits it was Zoans, logically because the animal aspect gives it a level of sentience


      • Also i loved this development in regards to his parallels with Blackbeard
        BB has a unique logia that works more like a paramecia and he’s tangible, and Luffys fruit has always been a paramecia that works more like a logia and he’s made of rubber, it’s a great mirror image of each other.
        I’m just glad Roger didn’t have the DF, the connection between him, Luffy and joyboy is the D, but Roger was too early, because clearly luffy is the next joyboy and Roger was only 50% of the equation


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