The True History: One Piece MEGA-Theory – Episode 4

This week we have episode 4 of the True History mega-theory! This time, we talk about the Ancient Weapons and more specifically what their purpose is. Some elements of this are things you’ve likely heard of before, as I and others have talked about them many times in the past, but in this video I recontextualize them and motivate them with evidence that will help make it all fit in a new light! I hope you enjoy!



  1. Crazy idea here, what if Pluton, being the god of underworld and everything could control Devils, more specifically, devils in fruits? Pluton purpose could be erase Akuma no mi from the world


  2. Hey Artur, these vids have honestly been mind blowing for me and I can’t believe how much stuff went over my head such as momo (potentially) being Uranus which at this point I feel it like has to be true. I mean he is a giant flying dragon and there’s definitely some parallels between how he and shirahoshi are risking it all to save their kingdom despite being a bit cowardly and both are royalty (plus they’re both giant and light pink colored). However, what was that when Luffy and momo communicated with each other telepathically…Anyways thanks for all the hard work, big fan


  3. Personally I’ve always had the idea that Uranus is a Moon, most likely not Fairy Vearth, but one of the many moons that the world of one piece has, as shown in the planetary that you coincidentally use in the banner of your site.
    I have no basis for this claim but I find it odd that a detail as remarkable as there being multiple moons on this world, as well as there being one last Weapon that we haven’t heard anything about other than its name.

    Not to mention that the only moon we know of is hollow and full of automata, makes you wonder what’s the deal with the rest of them.


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