Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1010 in-depth analysis

WOOOOO!! This chapter is just pure hype, so let’s take a look at what exactly makes it so exciting!




    • yes possible.
      based on her nature it may be.
      it was said ” we don’t need to many conquerors” so mosy likely the cre has other’s with the King’s haki besides Kaido.
      it would normally seem like king, Queen, or Jack since they are so high but nothing seen so far… most likely some of the flying 6 have this, Who’sWho, Ulti, Yamato, are among the candidates in my sight. maybe Sasaki is also possible.


      • I think that would start oversaturating it though

        I feel like top 2 maaybe 3 members having it is already pushing it.
        Katakuri could be a captain in his own right, but chooses to serve Big Mom.
        Rayleighs the same.

        Yamato, I could see him having it being Kaidos kid, but I really don’t think any of the mooks will have it at all. King could, but definitely not queen. Jack is cooler as a blunt tank


  1. I have to assume that this will ultimately lead to the fight culminating in the debut of Gear Fifth, just as the application of Busoushoku haki to the Gomu Gomu no Mi’s powers led to the birth of Gear Fourth.


      • I think that will be reserved for the big final battle climax for the whole series. Right now his Haoshoku haki power-up should be the big focus, without mixing unrelated Devil Fruit mechanics into it.


  2. I shared an idea regarding kings haki and comentet on chapter 924 analysis and finally it came true…………………………..YAY.

    My forsight is way better than any youtuber out there.


  3. IMHO, I think Luffy’s development is a bit fast on this arc, imagine, he’s being one-hitted by Kaido technically just weeks before, and now he already learn on how to coat Conqueror on attack and thinking of beating Kaido. Still hype for this though.


  4. Unpopular opinion but I would like to know what you guys think.

    What I don’t like here is Zoro blocking quite possibly the strongest attack we have seen alone and surviving.
    Whereas, Luffy, in 4th Gear was one shotted by Kaido in his base form?
    Bear in mind, 4th Gear has some remarkable defensive properties besides the blatant offensive growth. On top of that, Luffy had a massive power boost after Whole Cake.

    My problem with this is, it looks to me that Luffy only just became stronger than Zoro, only now.

    Yes, you can make the argument that, Zoro, is a tank as shown back in Thriller Bark, but, again, we’re talking about a combined attack from two of the strongest characters.

    Did Law heal him during this time? That’s all I need to lay this thought to rest.

    But, overall, what a chapter, nonetheless!

    P.S. English isn’t my native language; I do beg your pardon.


    • I have the same issue as you. A Gear 4th Luffy was one-shotted by Kaido’s trademark attack, whereas an already heavily injured Zoro and Law remain conscious. Tjis is indeed not logical.

      Furthermore, Gear 4h Luffy was not able to damage Kaido at all, whereas now, all of the Scabbards and all of the Supernovas, including Kid and Killer, who were once defeated both effortlessly by Kaido, manage to draw blood from him.

      In my opinion, Oda made a mistake to put Kaido that far way from Gear 4h Luffy, because now you have a lot of inconsistencies.


      • What may help solve the apparent inconsistencies is to note the growth of Zoro since the start of Wano. It is entirely possible that the Zoro at then would have been crushed fatally by Kaido’s attack. The whole, “Haki gets stronger in battle” thing. He fought Killer, briefly fought that swordsman scabbard (sorry, his name just slips me) and then got hold of Enma that draws out more of his Haki than normal (that he had to train to tame).

        In addition to that, another possibility is that Zoro’s Armament is stronger than Luffy’s. Strength in the different forms of Haki has been shown to vary in characters.

        So they’ve both gotten stronger, but the difference in strength is still visible in who is and is not still standing.


    • One could argue that Zoro’s physical strength has always been on par with Luffy’s. The main boost to Luffy’s endurance is the additional resilience he gets from his Devil Fruit, and that counts for nothing against Kaido’s haki-infused attacks.


    • Well… Zoro was on defence instance when he received the atack combined.. Luffy wasnt able to defend himself then.. Or do you think Luffy doesnt need to defend himself at 4th gear at all?


    • i dont think Law healed him. anyway, Zoro and luffy took different attacks differently.
      -Luffy Gear4th uses combination of Rubber and Armament but not Invincible. (Note that both Luffy and Zoro trained after that time of 1 hit KO in Luffy VS Kaido)
      -Zoro basically uses Amament to attack and Armament to defend ,and as seen he was blocking it which he did only for seconds.
      –to be fair, we see Luffy take the Same attack multiple times this time before he goes down, and he even takes stronger version of the Bagua in the final hit.
      -also Zoro took an attack by 2 Yonko which was mostly raw strenth and not focussed strength like the standard Thunder bagua
      We see that Zoro is vastly affected by yhe attack from Yonko as law describes it. Luffy however always rises again and again which is his power.
      Note:- sorry i am not good at explaining but, i think you know that luffy’s past strength is often his crew’s previous strength. at the same time Luffy’s crew is often in some way relatable to him, especially Zoro and Sanji who can atleast clash swprds with the same enemy as Luffy (Now jinbe too)


  5. I like to think this revelation might also give reason to how Akainu survived against Whitebeard in Marineford. With Akainu being able to use conquerors while Whitebeard not due to his sickness.


    • Akainu is not that likely to have Conqueror’s Haki.
      He was only shown to have Advanved Armament.
      Advanced Armament is just high class Haki, Conquepros coated as Haki is an even higher Grade.
      it was confirmed at lots of times
      –> if ypu put the pieces together you will see


  6. Great analysis Artur, as always!
    I want to add that on Reddit, there are some theories that Prometheus just wants to absorb the fire that was laid by Orochi. This is supported by these “shining”, excited eyes that Prometheus shows in this panel. Moreover, the clouds curculating there could also mean that Big Mom creates a new cloud homie replacing Zeus, as both Big Mom and Prometheus commented on the former’s uselessness.


    • yes Prometheus is likely wanting that .
      But to create a new cloud homie BigMom will firat ha e to extinguish Zues, since that is a homie who personally takes soul from BigMom.


  7. For me, the biggest part about Conqueror’s Haki is : it is unbreakable unless you attack it with Conqueror’s Haki Too.

    Thats Why Bigmom And Kaido, despite how strong naturally they are, they always had Conqueror’s haki protecting them unvonciously. Thats Explain why Big Mom and Kaido are Both so Broken, nothing even advance busousoku can hurt them significantly.

    So, when Kaido realize Zoro had Conqueror’s , its because Zoro can break through his Skin. Coz the only thing that can break trough Conqueror’s Haki is another Conqueror’s Haki …


  8. This has to be one of the worst written OP issues in this arc so far, it feels like bad fanfic.

    Now this arc has had moments like that in general… Sanji and the Raidsuit for example. He hated it, wanted to throw it into the sea and only Luffy and Chopper stopped him from doing it. Then he puts it on for an ultimately meaningless little skirmish with Page One (Who he said he would take out, but ultimately didn’t really do much of anything to.)

    Or Big Mom, having done this MASSIVE favour to Kaido that put him in her debt… And it turns out all that amounted to was her giving Kaido his devilfruit. I wouldn’t say actually that qualifies as a lifelong debt. Sure, she gave him a pretty good gift, but she didn’t save his life or something similar.

    This issue though… It feels like it was ghost-written by the tierhumpers, it’s so bad!

    Honestly Law’s the only thing I liked in this one.

    So what’s wrong with it?

    Minorly, there’s Kidd suddenly conveniently being super cooperative about Big Mom. Which I think is massively out of character for him. One moment Kidd’s got all this alpha male rivalry with Luffy, HE’S going to kill Kaido! HE is the bestest and strongest. And now he’s going to helpfully ward of Big Mom? Awfully CONVENIENT. Not the most major point. But if characters feel free to break their personality for the sake of the plot… I mean how hard would it have been to just put in a little moment where Kidd is asked to hold off Big Mom, have him be difficult about it, and have him be informed that if he doesn’t he and everyone else will probably die and then he’d grudgingly do it but note something like “I’ll get rid of her and be back!”

    That way Kidd’d be IC, and still go after Big Mom. Minor gripe, but come on!

    Major gripes…

    I never liked the idea of haki as being supreme over everything else and the more haki developed post skip the less I liked it. I honestly only liked it as a bit of an equalizer against overtly haxy devil fruits, not as a hard counter that’s superior to it. Pre-skip, non-haki users managed to defeat haki users, so it shouldn’t be this big a deal. But that’s my personal taste of course, and that’s not my gripe. What IS my gripe is that suddenly Luffy’s haki shockwave punch isn’t enough anymore and he needs to get ANOTHER powerup?

    Why? The series isn’t DONE yet. There’s still people like Akainu and BB left. Why overpower Luffy? Why in general would Kaido be as good as haki as he is. I had him pegged as his natural strength and durability, with his haki being very basic, because there was no NEED to develop all these speciality skills. And Luffy’s shockwave punch armament haki thing should in that case have been enough, right? Give Luffy a few more bits to grow for those final arcs in the next and last superarc. But nope!

    Also the way in which Zoro suddenly has CoC is the worst and straight out of fanfic. Zoro’s dumbest move, where he randomly sprouts all these arms and heads because dharmic religious reference after having lied dormant for years suddenly returns and now it was CoC all along!

    Honestly giving Zoro CoC actually diminishes the character. He’s a very normal guy who got where he was to extreme hard work and great personal sacrifice, but nope… he’s a special special snowflake with CoC now.

    Come on, how much more impressive would Zoro be if he didn’t have CoC, and Mihawk DID have that trick and Zoro defeated him without it? That’d fit Zoro better in my view and make him much cooler.

    Unless maybe it’s ODEN’S CoC stuck in that blade? I do think that’d at least be a decent twist.

    Or maybe CoC should get a light retcon when Vegapunk shows up and he says something like “Oh no, actually CoC… technically everyone COULD use it, it’s just almost no one ever manages to unlock it so it SEEMS like only one in a million can do it. (Which’d make unlocking it more of a major accomplishment for Zoro and less of him having been born some special snowflake all along. (Which… isn’t to terrible for LUFFY, but… Zoro’s the guy who always bleeds most of his blood for victory, whilst being a normal guy without devil fruit or anything else special.) So I REALLY don’t like Zoro suddenly having CoC (Nor it being revealed in such a fanfic way.)

    Also Luffy sure conveniently revives very easily. Oh Luffy’s out… No wait, he’s fully up again!

    Anyway Luffy’ll still lose this solo round against Kaido, then the cavalry will arrive and THEN Luffy’ll win against Kaido.

    I’d also be fine with no Kaido backstory. Kaido failed to particularly interest me, he’s just one of those dumb boring muscle walls and I don’t care about his tragic past. All he’s got going for him is that sure, he looks cool and his fruit is cool. But otherwise… Ugh. Honestly Orochi’s the most entertaining villain in this arc, and he could certainly have been better. (Though I kind of like him actually. Would have been cool if he poisoned Kaido actually. (Also thematically so, since Kaido is so obsessed with strength and personal combat, that if he took a major weakening blow through treachery instead, that’s fun. (And it’s notlike Kaido’s above taking cheapshots himself anyway.)

    But eh… this arc… It’s not Fishman Island, but it’s not a good arc.

    Though I think I got different tastes to the typical OP reader, I mean I liked arcs like Thriller Bark and Whole Cake. I guess at least I agree on Fishman Island being pretty bad and Enies Lobby being good… (And yet even with EL I DO have a few minor nitpicks that seem to just be my opinion and no one elses.)

    Either way this issue.. Fanfic Shit out of 10 for me. And makes me fear OP might well have a pretty disappointing final run… But still let’s give Oda the benefit of the doubt, even if this arc… is Wano. Amazing, when it got to this act I started having fun with this storyline again, but…

    I guess maybe I don’t like this Chi stuff that much. It can often feel like “I won because I wanted it the most!” Yeah, of course you did.

    I miss that old OP ‘Let’s find out what his weaknesses are and exploit them.’ It was fun when Kaido was hit with things like Killer’s sonic attack. That’s FAR superior and more entertaining to me then “I jsuT traiNed my cHi to be strognar!”

    Mmm… now I actually wonder if there is any manga series that deconstructs that ‘chi and personal combat’ thing. It’d be as easy as to write a similar story to this but without any adherence or affection towards pop bushido,

    You know, where a villain would be like “B-but you didn’t defeat me properly!” and the protag would be like “Nope, but I defeated you and that’s all that matters. What? Butthurt about it? War is serious business! I ain’t playing this samurai one on one fair fight where I magically become the strognust because I WILL it! I just WIN!”


    • “You know, where a villain would be like “B-but you didn’t defeat me properly!” and the protag would be like “Nope, but I defeated you and that’s all that matters. What? Butthurt about it? War is serious business! I ain’t playing this samurai one on one fair fight where I magically become the strognust because I WILL it! I just WIN!””

      This actually sounds like something what Saitama could say. 😀


    • I agree with a ot of things you mentioned, especially the Sanji raid suit bit against page one and Zoro having/using haoshoku(I sure do hope it would be limited to the use of Asura).

      And I agree to disagree of haki being supreme.

      The only thing that I disagree with would be Kid agreeing to take care of Big Mom. Kid did have a rivalry but Luffy is the more stubborn one among the team. While Kid do put up tough guy acts, it is akin to the acts put up by every strong character in OP. Queen called Big mom an old hag despite standing no chance against her. But Luffy means everything he says.

      While Kid do put up stubborn acts, he is more sensible than Luffy. Which is why when Big Mom and Kaido were ultimately split up, Kid agreed to go after Big Mom.


  9. i think we can expect a sudden change in demography soon.
    Kaido is fighting with Luffy in a clash of Clour of concuerors so he may loose focus (for a moment) anytime now, after all yhe dmage taken.
    This means that the island may fall in the water (confirmed to be still upon water). Perhaps it will be stable or perhaps it shall start to sink and lead the fight to be shifting to Wano land.


  10. Great chapter analysis Artur! 😉
    I agree that the remaining currently “haki-less” Straw Hats should have haki by the end of the series.


  11. Nice read as usual. A few comments:

    To me the bit with Zoro cutting Kaido actually read more like zoro still has not really mastered the sword. Of course, what he did is a spectacular feat but there clearly is room for growth. Oden at least could use emma far more naturally than Zoro could. Add to that, to me it was always weird that the series makes the point that only Emma had cut Kaido before. Even though the scar oden left on Kaido was cross shaped, implying Ame no Hibaraki also managed to cut and scar Kaido. My working theory is that once Zoro has fully and properly mastered Emma he will be able to replicate its cutting power with Wado and Sandai since what he is learning via Emma is simply a haki skill.

    I agree about the strawhats learning haki. I think Franky and Nami have some wiggle room in regards to this since they primarily rely on technology. But even then… realistically speaking we are at a point where franky’s peers are roughly the likes of Perospero, Snack, Doc Q, Burgues, rakuyo, fossa (I don’t include the topo robi because so far they seem inferior to other yonko executives). It’s hard to imagine franky duking it out with such people without at least basic competence in haki. Not sure of how haki would work with his cyborg body though.

    I think you overlooked the more obvious alternative in regards to those ominous clouds: Big mom got a new Zeus. She got fed up with the once disloyal and consistently incompetent Zeus and created a replacement. This would work for the plot in several ways to boot. It’d set up Zeus’ return to nami which is important for her to be competitive, and perhaps overpowered, against her peers in yonko crews. Perhaps more importantly, making another homie like this would take a big chunk of big mom’s lifespan which could come into play into her ultimate defeat. As in, she could run out of lifespan much sooner than she otherwise would.


    • yes the idea of another homie is very dangerous for BigMom.
      but rather than a cloud homie, i personally think BigMom mqy even try to trun Onigashima into a living homie.
      also i think bigMom won’t losse so soon, although continued exhaustion may look similar to TottoLand version.
      in the End, i think its not so simple, perhaps Kid and Killer won’t be the only ones fighting her..
      i believe Luffy may switch opponents to Bigmom or some of thw players below may turn to the roof.
      Literally anything goes, anything happens.


  12. Hi Arthur, thanks for your weekly analyses.
    One thing I always wanted to suggest but never did was citing properly throughout your analysis. It would be a major benefit to traceability of your statements. What I mean by that is to put both the correct chapter and page number under a panel you are citing. Like that people who have time to retrace your theories/opinions/observations (like me hehe) can do so more comfortably.

    Besides, it would make your work even more professional as it already is – in a academical way: I can imagine that in near future when OP gets a classic (some people would say it already is), it will be analysed in essays or even analysed in a manga-historical/art-historical way. Especially since the art form “Manga” gets more and more the appreciation it deserves. Your work could be a major reference for these academical approaches of understanding manga. Thus, I believe it would be great to rework parts of the structure of your weekly analyses.


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