Chapter Secrets – Chapter 1009 in-depth analysis

What an exciting chapter! This has to be one of the most hype-inducing fights in ages for One Piece! I can’t even begin to imagine how good it will look in the anime!




  1. —> i noticed the cover and i believe that like previous chapters it has a few secrets/hints hidden there.
    –>also Scabbards are getting their proper opponents, most ironic ones, one by one. I expected it earlier that they wouldn’t just end after fighting kaido but rather play a role downstairs and that is happening; fake Oden, Jack, Orochi, Fukurokujo, and Kanjuro.. perhaps around 5 more opponents, maybe the numbers would fit well here since they are still around and remain 5 in number.
    ____Bigmom is not out yet.
    she will have her children save her, either the mothership or prospero alone.
    Kaido is not saving BigMom, he has to face all the 5 badass Supernova.
    –>i agree that Orochi still likely has one head remaining and not dead yet.

    i noticed that both Luffy and Kid got attacked by a Yonko head on which is perfect irony as if to suggest aometing, also Zoro takes on combo attack of 2 Yonko and that’s a pretty badass feat.
    –> i was finally relieved to know that Law can not just shamble strong opponents like Luffy to scrap, so Luffy is safe from a most dangerous rival.
    –>i don’t think Promethus is down for good, without Marco or Brook, he’s likely to go and try to save BigMom unless Zoro keeps cuttting him.


  2. i note 3 factors here.
    —–cover page hints( these type of cover pages are often foreshadowing)
    —–Scabbards getting their proper opponents individually, perhaps further the Numbers and Kanjuro will add up for 6 Scabbards.
    —–2 Yonko VS SuperNova fight get more and more hyped and amazing, BigMom is not done yet.


  3. About cover page.maybe the “wa” on Nami’s jacket stands for ‘water’, perhaps? Added with the ‘unchart’, make it sounds like ‘uncharted water’, something that Nami would have done charting at thw end of the series

    Did u notice that Kid’s metallic hand (or a bit part of it) is still grabbing BM? I thought he could only repel merallic object


    • yes Kid detached part of his metallic arm for this move,
      as BigMom was too close to him so he grabbed her and repelled his metallic arm.
      (before reading again carefully i had thought that Kid uses his harpoons for this purpose but i noticed that it was his Arm.)


  4. So you are not even gonna show us the panel where Zoro blocks that massive combined yonko attack and the reaction of Kaido and Big Mom when he stops it in its tracks? Like, is not relevant or what? My god…


    • likely not necessary sine Yonko are not underestimating them Anymore, the more amazing part is where soon after Zoro jumps back to his fet and slices Prometheus.


    • Because this isn’t a review, it’s an in-depth analysis where he explains specific things in a chapter that people could benefit from knowing more about, or may not have noticed. There is nothing about Zoro’s block that needs ‘in-depth’ analysis, it was honestly a pretty straightforward interaction.


  5. Cover page theme is about travel/traveller. (Jizo Bosatsu is guardian deity of children and travellers.) Safe trip! Unchart territory! But the story is about send villain (Oroshi/Big Mom) to hell.

    Oda make an interesting parallel story about Oroshi and Big Mum
    – Both seem defeat/fall of stage in same chapter.
    – Both get disemble from opponent. (Oroshi got head cut. Big Mom got seperate from homie.)
    – Both try to taunt/insult opponent the same way.
    – Both might still alive and come back at some point of story.
    – And both got mention about hell. (Kinemon said ‘you will judge in hell’. Last chapter Kid call this situation like ‘Hell’)

    What’s really ‘Hell’ literary refer to? Kaidou and Big Mum try to finish supernova/conquer the sea with Hakai attack. If they succeed, OP world definitely become real hell. But Zoro make epic block and send Big Mum fall into hell instead.

    While Luffy got Kaido attack ‘ragu naraku’ that literary means send to hell. He just foreshadow himself last chapter ‘I’ve been go to hell many time’.

    I don’t like memory loss plot but Big Mum fall in sea again have possibility that she might get memory loss. Just hope that not gonna happen … again!


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