Chapter Secrets – Chapter 999 in-depth analysis – TALKING ABOUT THE WILL OF D.

Finally, we’ve arrived! At the one and only Chapter 999! Chapter 1000 might be the special one, but there’s still something special about Chapter 999. This will be the second to last chapter to have the same number in every digit, after Chapter 1111. It’s been a tradition for every hundred chapters, but I suppose that’s yet another sign we are heading towards the end. Anyways, Chapter 999 is the big setup for Chapter 1000, so let’s get this started!

Chapter Secrets for Chapter 1000 will be posted on the official release on January 3rd-4th



  1. Momonosuke having the Will of D. would make a ton of sense considering the fact that Oden died with a smile on his face implying he has the Will of D. and based on Luffy’s and Jaguar’s examples, the Will of D. is passed down from family to family.


    • I mean, they have the voice of all things..but unless you can be a D without it being in your name, he wasn’t Kozuki D Oden haha. The Kozuki were just allied with the D’s/ancient kingdom alongside shandians, fishman island etc


  2. It cracked me up when it revealed he had the fish fruit, since I just replayed Sekiro recently and that’s all about the koi- dragon connection, but corrupted and sinister, and you even fight a giant mythical dragon.

    But yeah I’m on board with the D theory, when you first put that forward during whole cake I thought you were onto something then but now it seems even more apparent. Especially with the perfect tie-in to Romance Dawn haha.
    I’m glad he adressed why whitebeard never invaded, the last few weeks that was a common discussion. I’d cited his caution on going after Blackbeard after thatch got murdered, as much as he wants to he was able to be cautious and not charge blindly ahead, and figured it was the same with Wano. He loved Oden but wouldnt start a massive Yonko war and risk his sons lives, it’s different than with Ace who was still alive when they invaded.


  3. The symbol on Yamato’s chest, the triangle/circle/square, is an oden skewer (a triangular piece of konjac or a hanpen fishcake, an egg or a rounded fishcake, and what I believe is either tofu or chikuwa). I don’t know if you actually weren’t sure or were just being coy, but there you go.


  4. I really don’t think Yamato’s anger has anything to do with the typical trans overeation to gender. I think she’s angry because she got a reminder that she can’t be Oden. Remember, a couple chapters after her first appearance, Yamato got angry when Luffy told her she can’t be Oden. This point is the same as before.

    Also, does anyone else find it cute when Yamato gushes about the pirates in each of the Seas? Kawaii!!!


    • 100% correct, but Artur will never admit that he made a fool out of himself on this topic.

      Her entire portrayal is that of a female, Oda is so clear about that. The scene where she gushes about Ace’s story is just another example. Not to mention that he sexualises her as a female over and over again (sideboobs etc.), while treating the whole “I’m Oden” situation entirely like a gag.

      Artur seemingly doesn’t even realize that it’s not about her becoming “a man”, it has always been her delusional “I’m Kozuki Oden!” quirk. She wants to become one single person, who happened to be a man by chance.

      There is a reason her official intro-box was Yamato, Kaido’s daughter.

      It’s not the first time Artur was horribly wrong about a OP topic either, so not a big deal.
      Thankfully the vast majority of the OP community doesn’t even know him and rightfully treats Yamato as a bonafide woman with a funny quirk.


      • Artur may have guessed or not Oda’s intentions as far as Yamato’s sexuality is regarded. Let us also admit that Artur may have misunderstood it (as a hypothesis – I personally don’t believe so, I’d rather think of a completely different scenario).
        But….one thing is for sure, JoeffreyG, that you’re severely sick on the ground of sexuality and/or self identification, and you’ ve made us clear since the very first Chapter Secrets featuring Yamato. Luckily Artur is a major OP Eng-speaking analyst,second if not first on a global scale if seen from the perspective of appreciation and funding by fans, differently from your abrupt sentence. And last but not least, it’s really funny to believe that apart from Artur’s discussions, the rest of the fandom on Earth universally agrees on a single interpretation of Yamato’s sexuality. That’s a funny belief, of course you can hang to it and take it wherever you want and you call world for yourself.


  5. I am so amused by how big mom interacts with kaido, she even consider him little brother since a long time ago until now lol, even they are now both equally yonko


  6. The official translation says “The sake I brewed to drink with you”, yet here you named it “The sake I brewed while waiting for you”, which one is the correct one?


    • Translation preference, as the term derives from a Japanese poem. “Waiting for you” is more literal and imo more relevant to the plot, but “to drink with you” also implies that one is waiting to drink with that person so they technically mean the same


      • Haha I know you posted that whole explantation article a year ago about using the official translation..
        But reading it online last week and then having to wait like a week and a half for your chapter Secrets is tough hahah, I’ve looked forward to it as much as the chapter for like 4 years


  7. Leave it to Oda to sneak the real meaning of the “D.” in every single onomatopoeia for the past 20+ years. Turns out they were supposed to be read as “DAAAWWWNNNN!!” the whole time.


  8. Hey, Arthur!

    One detail I think you missed this chapter is that among the defeated Beast Pirates in the Ace flashback, we can see Daifugo, the Scorpion Smile User from Udon. You can tell it’s him by the long, sectioned hair as well as the scorpion tattoo on his neck!


  9. If Kaido hasn’t a mythological dragon fruit, do you think there is someone who has? And maybe even in the form of a western dragon (like a Lindwurm or Wyvern)?


  10. Haha it sucks when we can read the chapter online last Friday but have to wait another week for you to post the chapter Secrets from the official release haha, I really want to read it.
    We didn’t get the D reveal but still got a really epic standoff and attack hahaha


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