Chapter Secrets – Chapter 998 in-depth analysis

Once again, Onigashima just keeps delivering! And we’re only one chapter away from heading to the big 1000! The tension couldn’t be any higher!

Finally… only one chapter left!!! IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!!!



  1. Ace being my favorite character, the ending got me off guard and I absolutely loved it!
    I can’t wait! And as always, absolutely outstanding analysis! Cheerios lad!


    • Ace was definitely great
      I still remember when he first showed in in Arabasta haha..I was in high school at by time, goddamn.
      But I just like Sabo way more now. He’s level headed, smarter, has the same brotherly bond with Luffy but doesn’t come off like an overconfident logia from paradise in over his head hahaha

      Sabo was top tier without the fruit, his haki is insane, having the flame fruit is just a fun bonus for new attacks and intangibility


  2. I find it really odd that Ace and Whitebeard never made their way to Wano to confront Kaido. Especially given the kind of fraternal bond shared by Whitebeard and Oden, I would imagine that Whitebeard would’ve gone after Kaido if Ace had come to him with reports of what was happening in Wano.


    • I assumed it was kept hush hush, otherwise yeah, if he was willing to do that for Ace you’d think he would.
      Although, hes smart enough to not take unnecessary risk
      Remember he told Ace to not go after Blackbeard when thatch was murdered, he wanted revenge but knew it was a sketchy situation and to think it over not rush in


      • Well I’m glad Oda finally adressed that, that it was a combo of the lack of info from Wano, with Whitebeard not wanting to have a costly battle losing a lot of his family to retake the island, even though Marco, Ace and others wanted to for Odens sake


  3. A little side note on Sasaki’s dinosaur name.

    Just like Ulti’s one “Pachykefalosaurus” literally means “Thick Head”.

    Same with Sasaki’s one “Triceratops” literally means “Three Horns”
    Or Queen’s “Brachiosaurus” which means “Arm Lizard/Dinosaur cause Saur = Lizard”
    Or King’s “Pteranodon” from the words “Wing” and “Toothless”

    (For learning purposes only. Dinosaurs and pterosaurs names are all Greek)


  4. On the subject of spider Devil Fruits, is it true VA Onigumo’s spidery traits are actually Life Return? Have heard it said that Blue Deep says this, but OP Wiki still says it’s a Fruit. Any truth to this rumor you’re aware of?


  5. This chapter is another Oda genius. Start with Marco Fire Phonix and ending with Ace Fire Fist.

    Marco fire destroy outter skin of Ice Oni can refer to every Tobiroppo show there true skin (Full-Beast Form) and Ace destroy Dragon statue at entrance of Island (outter skin of island)

    Black Maria only upside-down appearance might refer to her opponent is (definite) not Sanji. (while other Tobiroppo already have match opponent)

    Last thing is Enel appearance at cover page which chapter name Ancient type. What is hidden meaning of this? Enel race is ancient type? (Maybe you can refer ‘God’ is ancient type.)


  6. May be we’ll see Luffy and Ace side by side in 1000th Chapter. Showing now and the past where both battled kaido.
    Or luffy will finally meet kaido in battlefield. And Marco flies Zoro who eventually faces King.
    Brook faces Queen because no virus can affect him.

    What an Arc by Oda!


  7. Happy to see the predictions were spot on with Who’s Who being a saber tooth.
    He is moving up on my favorites list just based on his DF.I love that design.

    At least two in his crew look like minks imo.

    It’s supposed to be a ancient zoan,but Black Maria looking like a grotesque smile imo (ugh!)

    Now that all their DF’s are revealed.I want to say that…personally i think the Beast Pirates DF’s are a little too dinosaur focused.

    It’s a bit boring imo

    This may be just me,but….King should have had a Mythical fruit imo.
    He is Kaidos Nr:1,it’s the strongest of the zoan types,it would match Marco in a better way.

    I think Oda missed an opportunity with Queen.
    Looking at his appearance,and that it seems he is at least partly inspired by the character Obelix.
    I can’t help but looking at Odas design for the Mountain God…that giant boar,and see the perfect Zoan for Queen.

    But that’s just me.


  8. If Ace fought Kaido or did something to upset him, it would be another reason for Kaido wanting to stop White beard from saying him in from execution.


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