Return to the Reverie – Chapter 4 – Arabic

This translation was provided by Many thanks to them for translating chapter 3 into Arabic and to Bearrusse and Wadoffy for the colored pages! Happy reading!

Video version:


1c2 copy3c - Xx6BagDyXz15yP4.jpg_large5c copy6 - cva6ZLL copy7 copy8 - sA1ocno copy9 - brjczTk copy10 - dBiI1FU copy11 - w0KuLfY copy12 copy13_-_ITlPV8v copy14_-_YhtHWl1 copy15_-_bligUox copy16_-_IcevlKm copy17_-_nUkrCgq copy18_-_0H7BcGg copy19_-_RGNDjbB copy20_-_OyxldmM copy21_-_w9Ru0rt copy22_-_jzdmYMV copy23c copyTamHrD7 copy 2Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 11.10.35

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