Chapter Secrets in Indonesian! – Chapter 971

As previously mentioned, I’m currently working on making multi-lingual versions of Chapter Secrets available on the Library of Ohara! There’s a few more languages planned, but for now let me introduce Indonesian!

This might seem surprising to some, but actually Indonesia has one of the biggest One Piece communities in the world! Among the number of visitors to the Library of Ohara each week, Indonesia ranks as the 2nd largest country in terms of viewership in my site, only after the United States. So to all of my Indonesian readers, thank you for all your support and I hope Chapter Secrets can be even more accessible in your native language!

This Chapter Secrets was translated by Team Murders, who have already been translating Chapter Secrets to Indonesian for the past couple years now!! You can find all of these backlogged translations on their own blog at, where you can read previous analysis already translated in Indonesian! Thank you very much again to them for their work as well as all Indonesian readers for your support!

Original Version: Artur (

Indonesian Translation: Team Murders (


Visit for many more Chapter Secrets in Indonesian!



  1. Thank for chapter secret in Indonesian language artur…i always waiting for next chapter every weeks… hope u always stay healthy


  2. both the reasons I visit LoO (Libary of Ohara) are your marvelous research on each chapter share the love of us all toward One Piece and I miss mangastream’s comments very much. your comment section’s definnitely gonna grow big.

    thanks for your hard work

    -fellow Indonesian reader.


  3. KEREN INDONESIA TRANSLATION! tips nih, font versi original (arthur) sama indonesia kalo bisa beneran disamain persis biar enak aja, ini terlalu “kaido” fontny (?) dan juga please jangan diubah (ditambah atau dikurangin) sedikitpun apapun itu dari versi yang arthur! terima kasih sebelumnya & keep up the good work both of you guys!


  4. Wow thanks for your consideration to translated it into Indonesian, i’ve been visiting this site for months untill now and still can’t cover all of this site contents, hopefully can join your patreon in the future


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