Announcing the Return to the Reverie Project – A five-chapter fanmade spinoff!

Return to the Reverie Project copy 2

At last, it is here! The super-secret project I’ve been teasing for quite a while is none other than a fully-fledged fanmade spinoff, consisting of five whole chapters and covering the off-screened events at the Reverie! Catch the trailer below to learn all the details!

Both me and ProfessorGemini have put an enormous amount of passion and effort, so I hope you can look forward to it as well! We hope to meet the deadline of March, but we can’t guarantee everything. We’ll prioritize that it’s as high quality and complete as possible above all else!

Stay tuned for it!



  1. Hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype ! Insane art honestly can’t believe it’s not Oda’s ! And with you for the story it’s gonna be incredible ! Can’t wait for it 😀


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