Vivre Card Databook – Index Set (some new information)

Disclaimer: For those of you who have been awaiting my Chapter Secrets, it should be out in a day or so! Please wait for it, as it will be my grandest and most ambitious analysis yet!! Stay tuned!

So as you are likely aware, the vivre cards have gone on break for a while, but they have finally made their comeback in the form of the recently released Index Set. This might sound exciting at first, but unfortunately this index set is nothing more than a pack of extra binder pages and stickers for quite simply pimping out your binder. That said, there are a couple new things included here and most importantly, the new vivre card site brought up a bunch of corrections to some older cards, which clarify some previous mistakes up. It isn’t much, but I thought I’d write them all down for the sake of archiving all this information!

We had just a couple cards here for variants of flashback Luffy and Ace, who both have a couple of new pieces of info about them: Luffy, as a kid, was 0.97m tall and his favorite foods used to be all times of meat and crocodile meat (likely a reference to this scene). Kid Ace instead was 1.09m tall, with his favorite food being bear pot (kumanabe).

As for the corrections, here are all the important ones of relevance:

Lucci’s vivre card originally said that he had learned haki during the timeskip. However, this correction states he simply strengthened his haki over the timeskip in relation to his Rokushiki, not learned it from scratch, pretty much implying pre-TS Lucci had haki. All CP9 members (minus Spandam and Nero) were revealed to have Observation and Armament haki in their cards when the CP9 pack first came out, so since it had been previously stated that Lucci learned haki to get into CP0, we assumed that they all learned haki as well and thus this was a soft confirmation of them having joined CP0. However, the fact that Lucci had haki pre-TS already would imply they all did, which means that they might not have joined CP0 after all (or maybe they did, but this doesn’t confirm anything)

Furthermore, one of the new index cards states that “the training required for the acquisition of both mantra and rokushiki is akin to that used for acquiring haki”. Could this imply rokushiki is tied to haki? The card uses this following panel of tekkai, does it imply it’s like armament?

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 9.04.22

Shanks’s vivre card originally implied he became a Yonko before he met Luffy, which even back then I mentioned was doubtable and shouldn’t fully be trusted. 957 ultimately confirmed that this card was wrong, and has been corrected to after the point where he met Luffy (which in 957 we find out was 6 years ago)

Just like how Oars’s height was retconned some months ago from its original 39m to a corrected 67m, we also get a retcon for Oars Jr.’s height here, who originally was said to be 38m, but is now corrected to be 60m


Dr. Hiriluk was originally stated to be from the West Blue, but is corrected to be from Drum Island, Grand Line. Probably related to his story of the West Blue thief that saw a sakura field, but the West Blue part was probably made up

Lucky Roo’s name had been romanized like this, but it seems this wasn’t as intended, as his canonical official spelling is meant to be… “Lucky Roux”, a spelling used sometimes in the past but previously believed as wrong. Roux means red-haired in French, so that is likely part of his name’s etymology


Nekomamushi’s card originally listed him with no haki, which confused many, as Inuarashi was said to have Observation and Armament. It is now confirmed that it was indeed just a mistake, and that Nekomamushi does officially have Observation and Armament too! However, interestingly, there is no update for Jack having haki (he was originally listed without, but was not corrected to have any here), as well as any other tentative characters like Crocodile. That said, it could be purposefully hidden for a story reveal, so take it with a grain of salt


Pedro was previously not listed as dead. However, here he is corrected to “age: 32 (time of death)”, confirming without a doubt that Pedro is indeed dead. However, any other tentative “dead” characters, such as Monet, Vergo, Pound, etc. are not updated to confirm their deaths


Those are all the relevant things this time! I know they are not many, but a few of these are sort of relevant, so I thought I might as well do a quick update.

By the way, while we are on the topic of characters and data, this is something I never had the chance to bring up before, but I’ve touched sometimes before how certain characters’ canonical names are revealed via the anime credits. Well, just a few episodes ago two new canon characters joined the roster, being Rabbitman and Snakeman! (yes, you heard that right)

Trio of Justice!


  1. Great Work as always Artur, gokurousamadeshita ! Might I ask you about the SBS? I do not mean to pressure you or anything, I thought It’s been a long time since you’ve published one, perhaps Oda didn’t release the notes yet ?


    • The OP wiki has all the SBS translated, every single one except for the newest 1 or 2.
      Lot of cool tidbits and small reveals in there, not just funny drawings of warlords as kids that end up appearing in the manga like blackbeard or straw hats older (both badass and washed up versions) but also that Monet and Sugar are sisters


      • Oh I Knew about the SBS’ I used to read them over here from Ohara, But I never knew that they were translated on the OPwiki; I ‘ve missed out on the last 2, Might as well just go and read. but still Artur format is cool, and always a pleasure to read his content. Anyways, thx @stigmadiabolicum for the tip ! have a good one !


  2. i Don’t believe that pedro is dead.
    i have a question do you know the confirmed heights of big mom kaido whitebeard and jack ?


  3. Well the haki thing (Rob Lucci) could be like when Blackbeard said Luffy’s haki got stronger, he couldn’t use haki at all and did not even know whay haki is, but somehow it got stronger ( and after all… all living beings have haki)


  4. But Shanks was yonko before he met luffy no? When he met with whitebeard on his ship whitebeard asked him “how did a man like you lose an arm?” and we know shanks lost arm while saving luffy from sea monster.Or am i wrong?


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