A Big Update for the Library of Ohara

Hey everyone! I’m a bit late with this, but yesterday was my birthday and I just recently turned 21 years old! Woohoo! I had the chance to go to the Tokyo Tower yesterday in what was a pretty fantastic experience!

But anyways, let’s get to the point: usually at this time of the year I tend to do an update on the state of the site and talk about future projects. However, this year, I did a big update already before coming to Japan to clarify a lot of things at that point, so there isn’t much to talk about in regards to what I already mentioned back then. There is something however, that I touched upon back then, that I’d like to finally elaborate on once again:

But why take it from me when you can hear it from me! Give it a listen!

So while the stream of content might not be so immediate in the near future, please do keep an eye out for it in the near future!

Thank you once again for all the support over the past four years! Hope you stick around for many more to come!



  1. you sound just fine! hhh i know the feeling believe me! your own voice sounds weird to you ! nevertheless awesome content ! and omotewoagero waga dohou yo !


  2. Happy birthday dude! Thanks for the great content. I usually visit your site after a new chapter comes out to see what I’ve missed as well as get more insights on backstories.


  3. I was a little worried because english is not my native language and I wasnt sure if I could understand (not read) without struggling too much but it was all rigth! Keep doing this amazing work


    • Yeah, i felt same on you. English isnt my native language ( so do my friends ). We all like to check every week in this website, we enjoyed it. If the content in video, it is a bit harder for us to listen and translate it hehe. Maybe if u can, u could make a subtitle for it. Anyway it is a good improvement. Keep amazing brother!!


  4. Happy birthday! You really are amazing; your work with OP is unbeatable! And you sound pretty good; I was expecting a young, amateur voice and you almost seem professional as a YT commenting channel. It shows that practice has really work out.
    Thanks for your amazing work and it would be great to see more content like this one!


  5. my gooooodnesssss…
    u just turned 21???
    with your knowledge, i thought you’re at least 30 something..
    i’m really amazed with your work..
    and happy belated birthday by the way..
    otanjyoubi omedetou…
    loveeeeeeeee your voice…
    and i mean, looooooooveeeee itttttt… (no homo..or maybe… 😉


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