Oda x Fischer’s Interview (new info, somewhat)

I was planning to work on something over this break, but I’ve been struck by a terrible fever, so unfortunately it’s been pushed back. Instead, I’d like to offer something a bit more brief but sort of relevant in exchange to fill the void in your heart the break made. I wasn’t originally planning on it but after much request, here’s a translation of the Fischer’s x Oda interview!

For those out of the loop, Fischer’s is a very famous Japanese YouTube channel with 5.7 million subscribers. Imagine them kinda like the Dude Perfect of Japan or something. They are known to be fans of the series, so given their immense fame in the country, Shueisha has decided to pretty much milk… ehm, use them to help promote the series many times. Among those occasions, the Fischer’s group was invited to Oda’s studio to do a Q&A with him and ask some questions about him and the series!

So, given some minor relevance about a few things in this video, I decided to translate all the questions and Oda’s answers. Keep in mind I had to just transcribe and translate all from ear, so I can’t attest to everything due to the video’s poor audio, but everything should be pretty accurate here from what I’ve checked.

If you wish to make use or reference these translations anywhere, please credit me and link to this post. Thank you.

(For those that wish to follow with the video, interview starts at 2:38.)

Question 1:

F (Q): Do you usually work here?

O (A): Yeah, right behind there. (points behind one of the members)

F: (looks back nervously) O-okay… (laughs)

Question 2:

F (Q): Do you like sushi?

O (A): I love it.

Question 3:

F (Q): Are there any sports that you practice?

O (A): For the first time in twenty years I played Futsal, but I kept injuring myself… So currently I practice walking.

Question 4:

F (Q): I’ve heard you’ve got an ATM in your home, is that true?

O (A): I’d like to have one at some point or another but… I don’t.

F: Wouldn’t it be nice though?

O: Yeah, it’s almost like a dream I have, you know.

F: Yeah, for sure!

O: I wonder though… wouldn’t it be a bit pointless?

F: (Group laugh)

Question 5:

F (Q): What are your current hobbies?

F: (laugh) Ask him something else, will you!

Question 6:

F (Q): What’s your shoe size?

F: Come on man!

O: 26.5cm.

F: 26.5cm?? Same as me!! Wooo!! (group laugh)

F: We should ask about the story, shouldn’t we?

Question 7:

F (Q): Oven, Daifuku and Katakuri, are they Big Mom and _ _ _ _ _’s children?

(note: the above “_ _ _ _ _” is censored in the original video, with only empty spots provided. Some believe this is Kaido since it fits the number of spots in Japanese, but we really can’t tell, as it seems to have been censored to keep it a secret or something)

O (A): Incorrect.

F: Agggh!!! And I was so certain!!

O: Isn’t it better that they (the audience) don’t hear about that?

F: Ehm… you mean this question or the “hobbies” one? (group laugh)

(Following is a pointless question about which OP characters do each of the members of Fischer’s resemble, you aren’t missing anything)

Question 8:

F (Q): Is Zoro’s master, Koushirou, a member of the Revolutionary Army?

O: (censored)

[Text on screen says “please take your own conclusions from this”]


F: Thank you for the reply.

F: But damn, this is… is this alright…? I dunno man…

(note: I assume he means “is it alright to know this stuff”, he doesn’t specify)

Regarding the next question, for those who watched Stampede/have already been spoiled on it, please refer to this. Otherwise, if you haven’t, just read ahead without worries, it doesn’t spoil anything too specific.

Question 9:

F (Q): “About Raftel’s “_ _”, is… (censored)

O: Anything about Raftel is a bit of a spoilery subject, so you know…

F: (group laugh)

O: Mind if I stop you right there?

F: (group laugh)

O: Well, I’ll let you onto a little something at least…

F: HUH??!

O: In the movie (One Piece Stampede), I’ve heard there’s a certain detail that should give a core idea about it.


F: Everyone, please go watch the movie.

Question 10:

F (Q): In the first opening there’s a map, does Raftel appear on it?

O (A): Yeah no, it doesn’t.

Question 11:

F (Q): You might’ve been asked this thousands of times already, not sure, but is Shanks two different persons?

F: You know, since Shanks is sometimes drawn without his scar, plus he arrived at the Paramount War so quickly with unbelievable speed (despite having just fought Kaido)…

O: (censored)

[Text on screen says “please take your own conclusions from this”]

O: But you know, quite often, I just tend to forget to draw scars.

F: (group laugh)

Question 12:

F (Q): Is Oda-sensei two different persons?

F: It’s Shanks, not Oda!

O (A): That would certainly lift a lot off my shoulders.

F: (group laugh)

F: Lift as in like Shiki? (laugh)

(note: he’s just making a pun on Oda’s expression (to lift stress) being the same as the name of Shiki’s fruit)

Question 13:

F (Q): Considering the entirety of One Piece, how many years does the story have left?

O (A): I want to end it in five years.

Question 14:

F (Q): When will the foretold great accident involving the Straw Hats and their subordinates, you know, like Orlumbus and the others, happen?

O (A): In a little… a little bit.


F: I wonder, will it be at the Wano Country, or perhaps Mariejois?

(note: just pondering to himself, not asked at Oda)

F: Thank you so very much for today!

That’s the whole interview! Here’s what we can infer from it:


– Oda loves sushi, tried to play futsal, shoe size is 26.5cm

– Heritage of Katakuri, Daifuku and Oven does not pertain to a certain character, though Oda is touchy about the question

– Mysterious answer regarding Koushirou (Kuina’s father) being a member of the Revolutionary Army

– Oda says Stampede includes a detail that gives a core idea about Raftel

– Mysterious answer regarding if Shanks is two different persons

– Oda says he want to end OP in five years. Straw Hat Grand Fleet incident will happen in a while

Again, nothing really clear or massive, but I thought I’d document this interview since a lot of people requested me to. See you next week for the new chapter and somewhere in the near future for a small special project!



  1. I hope you get well and healthy Artur.

    One Piece is ending in 5 years? how can you end that in 5 years while having so MUCH story to tell?

    I think I know.

    Luffy vs Kaido and BM. Luffy uses awakening and becomes a Giant-Luffy and defeats them with RYUU. most of Wanos 1v1 battles are gonna be OFF-SCREENED.

    The final war Whitebeard spoke of, the tenryuubitos dethrone by the revulotionary, Elbaf-arc, Luffy destroying Fishman Island, how Zoro becomes the strongest Swords-men, how other straw Hats realise thier dreams, and more will be OFF-SCREENED.

    mysteries upon mysteries won´t be answered, maybe some will be answered through vivre-card.

    After Wano Luffy finds the 4th poneglyph, heads to Raftel (laugh-tale), fights Blackbeard and Akaino with his awakening and defeats them for ONE PIECE, bcomes King of the pirates, and finally Luffy returns The Straw Hat to Shanks and the series FIN.

    I am ok with it, if this is how it´s gonna come to an end. YEAH I AM.


  2. I read on some group that Raftel was Crocus mention is not Oda drawing in the interview.
    But its a assistant doing.
    Then why is not mention on this skript?


  3. Five years sounds really, really way too soon… although knowing Oda, it was always clear that he’d have something very big planned for the 1000th chapter / 100th volume milestone.


  4. I still think five years is Oda being optimistic. That allows for just two more arcs with mini-arcs in between (like Zou or Reverie). We still have to tie up at least two more Yonko (and I bet Blackbeard is an arc himself), Im, the Celestial Dragons, what happened at the Reverie, what happened to Sabo, Revolutionary Army soldiers like Dragon, still have yet to see Vegapunk, they have to get to Raftel (which has to have One Piece itself), the Grand Fleet hasn’t done anything yet, the mystery behind Kuma, other mysteries like the giants before Thriller Bark… all this and Wano isn’t even done yet and it could be an entire year before the next arc even begins.

    Who knows, probably not even Oda. He has been moving things along relatively quickly, with the exception of this last chapter, which didn’t seem to have much going on at all.


  5. Oven, Daifuku & Katakuri – Those three are Tiger Fisher & Big Mom’s children. Also, Tiger Fisher was involved in the God Valley Incident, he saw how slaves were held captive by Celestial Dragons. He couldn’t save anyone back then, but accomplished his goal later when he raided Marijoa.


  6. Hello , i hope the admin see my message ! when shanks meet ace , shanks was have two arms ! i think the theory of having two shanks is true


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