New info on STAMPEDE! – Who is Douglas Bullet?

Hey everyone! The latest issue of Jump includes a whole lot of new information on the upcoming One Piece Film: Stampede, as well as this collectible poster:


Along with it leaked an article with a lot of new information on Douglas Bullet. Here it is translated in its entirety!

If you want to use this somewhere, be it in a video or an article, please do credit me for the translations and include a link to


Furthermore, the “Chopper Robot”, a figurine made by Bandai some years ago as a jokingly cute counterpart for Chopper to the Franky shogun, is hinted to be making an appearance in One Piece: Stampede! (source)


Also, if you want to buy this issue of Jump and get yourself the poster, you can do so at the following links! Help support One Piece officially!

Amazon Japan (ships worldwide, click the icon with the globe and “JP” at the top to switch instructions to English)

CDJapan (ships worldwide, fully available in English, they’ll take care of the ordering for you)

And stay tuned to the Library of Ohara for more info on One Piece Stampede in the upcoming weeks!



  1. Kinda dissappointed in his DF we saw kinda similar thing with bad guy at chopper island and that capone guy they werent really a robots but walking fortresses but robot are kinda just this…


    • Kind of underwhelming, but im sure it will be used in a creative way in the movie
      the thing i thought was funnier was also having him escape from Impel Down like Shiki
      but eh, im just stoked to finally see a roger crewmember aside from Rayleigh
      hopefully hes not the lurking legend though, really want that to tie into the main story, and obviously be related to Mom/Kaidos old Rocks crew


  2. You guys all remember when impel down was a big deal? Now anyone escapes it. Tho it makes sense since he was part of Roger Pirates


    • I think they’re trying to say he escaped when Luffy busted into Impel Down and he broke out that way. As did a lot of level 6 in mates. It’s still a big deal….


    • what? it wasnt anyone, it was still Luffy haha..
      he busted everyone out, and then Blackbeard charged in, almost killed Magellan and had the level 6 guys bloodmatch to get the strongest people, and a lot escaped. They adressed it with Sengoku after the war, and wanted to cover it up.
      Its literally still just Shiki and Luffy, everyone else is by proxy still part of Luffy’s breakout.
      and yeah, hes a Roger crewmate.


  3. I’m kinda confused by the devil fruit ability. Does he create these things that i’m seeing, or can does he turn himself into these objects? Because if he does, doesn’t that mean it breaks the rules of devil fruit abilities that he can be under water with no adverse affects?

    My assumption is he can create these things with his devil fruit abilities. I’m kinda excited to see what he’s like. He sounds really powerful. Should be interesting to see the route they take with this movie.


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