Chapter Secrets Special 8 – Everything you need to know before the Whole Cake Island Arc

This is an overview about all the information we’ve got so far with additional cultural inspirations and hidden details! This took me so much time you can even see a change of graphic style midway through : P

To discuss if Luffy is really capable of beating Big Mom please head here

Chapter Cake CoverChapter Cake 1Chapter Cake 0 Yonko Involvement ChartChapter Cake 2Chapter Cake 3Chapter Cake 4Chapter Cake 5Chapter Cake 6Chapter Cake 7Chapter Cake 8Chapter Cake 9Chapter Cake 10Chapter Cake 11Chapter Cake 12Chapter Cake 13Chapter Cake 14Chapter Cake 15Chapter Cake 16Chapter Cake 17Chapter Cake 18



  1. Hi dude, Marco One Piece Theorist here x).
    Your content is just outstanding! I’m very, very demanding, but I can’t avoid being surprised by how good is the stuff you produce. Guess you can be the best one piece contender in the community, or at least I’ve never seen one this good! Keep going man, now that I’ve discovered you, I’ll follow your page and check every week for new stuff. If you ever feel like adventuring on Youtube community or want to talk about One Piece, you can contact me through my channel. See ya!

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    • Hey there, I’m glad you enjoy my stuff! ^^

      You also have made some really incredible content, your theories are full of very interesting ideas!

      I always wanted to make content for youtube, but unfortunately I lack the editing tools and my chapter secrets require the use of manga panels, which means that the copyright bots go strike my channel :/


    • Busoshoku has been confirmed (since he was able to hit Caribou, a logia and even remarked on it). The Kenbunshoku was more speculation on my side, since his reflexes seemed to indicate as such.

      (Busoshoku è stato confirmato, (visto che Pekoms era riuscito a colpire Caribou, un logia, persino indicando di avere utilizzato haki). La parte di Kenbunshoku era speculazione da parte mia, già che i suoi riflessi sembravano indicare che avesse quel tipo di haki.)


  2. the way big mom speech ‘ore’ rather than ‘watashi’ is indicating that she is from old generation. some people from old japanese generation use ‘ore’ regardless their gender


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