Chapter Secrets – Chapter 884

Phew, just got all 999 moons in Odyssey, just in time for the next Chapter Secrets!

Hope you all had a great Halloween! Let’s start Christmas November with a new chapter!

884 1884 2884 3884 4

Find all Chapter Secrets here!


  1. I don’t think Katakuri threw away his pride. Didn’t he headbutt the ground to make sure he didn’t land on his back?


    • That because he is saving it till luffy knocks him cold to the ground. (of course, just because you threw your some pride doesnt make it that you have to threw all of your pride away)


    • Great point, didn’t notice that! As SirEatALot points out, he threw part of it away, but still kept a bit of it, refusing to let his back touch the ground, despite Luffy alread having seen him do that


  2. it is not a weird thing for 25th husband to had 23rd daughter since we don’t know the order of big mom’s children


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