Chapter Secrets – Chapter 882

Another build up chapter of sorts, but I’m interested where it’s building up towards. Hopefully this all delivers!

Recently watched the new DuckTales show, my god it’s fantastic. I feel like I’m reliving my childhood all over again.

882 1882 2882 3882 4882 5



  1. So I see people make this mistake a lot, but it’s not a candy slug. Big mom has turned the entire sea around her base into a candy syrup, and it only looks like water from our perspective. When the straw hats sail in, they mention how it isn’t water, and when chopper and brook are in the shark sibmerge they comment on it also. Big mom is in fact turning the “sea”alive


    • I’d have to disagree there. In the jaiminis translation, which is a bit more literal to the original, Perospero describes the candy slug as “the monster I made with candy”, meaning that it’s the same we saw in chapter 879, only that Big Mom gave it life. Perospero even mentions how it’s the monster itself that created the wave with his arms, not the water itself


      • Just to add to this, you can actually clearly see it’s not water and has the same structure as Perospero’s candy back in chapter 880:

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