A Big Update for The Library of Ohara

Hello everyone! My name is Artur and I’m the guy behind the Library of Ohara, what many will recognize from my weekly Chapter Secrets column. As of today I’m turning 19 (yay!), which makes it well over two years since I started making One Piece content. A lot of things have happened since then and despite mentioning it a little in the past, I wanted to fully elaborate on what happened in detail.

I started around summer-fall of 2015 and everything went pretty well, but as I went into 2016, something happened: finals. I was graduating from school, which meant that I had to endure the torture that is finals. I won’t go into detail, but I wasn’t at a very good school, which made day to day activities quite painful, especially given my issues with anxiety. Despite that, I pushed at the best of my capacity to overcome this obstacle while also keeping up with my OP content (if some of you remember, I kept with it even during the week of finals itself!). Unfortunately, the real issues started after.

After finals I was spent. I was mentally exhuasted, not so much out of my efforts, but out of my stress and anxiety. I had simply pushed my limits too far and that was starting to take effect. And at a certain point… I collapsed. After just an incredibly small summer, I was simply unable to recover in time for next year and I just couldn’t bring myself to subject my mind to any more stress. Thus, I came to a point where my very anxiety collapsed in itself, causing me to grow incredibly weak and vulnerable to all my fears and weaknesses. This meant that even the slightest things that usually would be just a small bother could easily feel like a phobia, making almost anything hard to handle. And unfortunately this also applied to my content online. I love doing this and truth be told, it really isn’t that stressful, but that little amount of stress that comes in handling something like this hit me, for as small as it was, and coupled with the mental exhaustion it forced me to bring a small hiatus to chapter secrets and my content as a whole.

Thankfully, for all the hardships I had to endure, there is a positive side to this story. Thanks to some people and to some things, I’ve been able to steadily recover over time. As soon as I was feeling just a bit better I was able to jump back on Chapter Secrets and I’ve been keeping at it very consistently since then, which I’m glad for. Despite that though, because of my anxiety I’ve only really been able to produce Chapter Secrets, as my anxiety still limited the amount of content I could work on (it’s hard to explain, but I have a type of anxiety that heavily limits the amount of things you are able to do because of it). There’s a ton of ideas I’ve been brewing up and things I wanted to make, but I’ve been limited in creating them because of it.

But then was then and now is now. While my anxiety is still far from fully healed, I’ve definetely recovered from my collapse and also improved on my anxiety as a whole. I did mention in the past coming back in the full swing of things, but I was unable to do so earlier due to the aforementioned anxiety. But now I’m finally ready to continue forward with my website and expand it like I’ve wanted to all this time. To put this simply, I am finally, truly back!

So what does this mean? Well, Chapter Secrets will continue as strong as always so in that regard, nothing is changing, outside of perhaps a couple of changes in the design (I’m toying around a little with new templates, as well as the wesite’s design too). But for everything else, I want to try experimenting with other types of content. You might have seen this in the Complete Guides or other couple things I’ve been experimenting with, but to put it simply, expect a bunch of new content and projects in the future, both small and big, from little fun things to full-scale projects. I can’t quite tell at exactly which rate this content might be coming, but expect new content in general, alongside your weekly dose of Chapter Secrets!

While I don’t have any specifics yet, I will be working on updating the timeline, while also adding a bunch of new things to it as well. I’m also currently working on a massive project which you should hopefully see in the near future. And yes, The True History, my project to piece together all the major secrets in One Piece is coming as well, though I can’t say exactly when because I want it to be as perfect as I can, so please wait a bit further.

I’ve also been considering on opening a youtube channel in the future (well, technically I already have one, but I really haven’t used it at all, it was more to test the waters), since it’s something I’ve gotten a ton of requests for, not to mention something I’ve always wanted to try out. There’s a bit of divisiveness between people who prefer the website format and those who wish for a youtube format, but I want to try and form a balance between the two. I’m considering something like having stuff like Chapter Secrets and major projects on both (gotta work around that copyright first though), with other smaller projects being exclusive to either the channel or the website, not just to further balance out this co-existance, but also since some of them would be more suited to text and others are better suited to video in terms of format. This is something I’m still working on, but you should hear more about it in the near future.

On a little final note, I also want to add that I’ll be trying to get more involved with the communities I post in as a whole. Because of my anxiety I was also limited in terms of involvement as well, but now I’ve been starting to actively talk a lot more, so I hope to engage more in the future. If you have a question or just want to talk, do not be afraid to message me!

But regardless of it all, I just want to say… thank you. I’ve always been someone with terrible self-confidence, when I was younger I always struggled to see any worth for me to even exist. But at a certain point, I had the idea of taking what I did with One Piece and share it with the world. It was a foolish attempt at confidence but somehow… somehow that foolish attempt worked. And seeing all the support, all the people enjoying my content each and every week, all the people I’ve met so far and every single one of those thanking comments… it made me realize that perhaps, yes, perhaps I was worth something. And that means the entire world to me, I cannot thank you enough for it. Thanks to that I’ve been able to realize my qualities more since then and start building up confidence in myself. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thanks to you, what I’ve done with One Piece has changed my life.

So from here on out, onwards to the future! See you then!




  1. It may be late but happy birthday, take care and recover soon. Hope to see your content on youtube. My suggestion on youtube is similar to oneworld, picture text but maybe a bit talking explaining everything in picture or summary of all text in the screen. Would be great! Much love

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  2. hello sorry i’m italian but dont very much speak english and sometimes help to google translate i very very like one piece but very interesting of pekoms in your chapter secrets id’like know pekoms have armament haki and observation haki confirmed by oda?

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  3. Hey arthur!

    happy birthday first and glad to have more information about your health issues.
    I discovered this page almost when you left the web for some time and i was really sad because you create real good content. Very happy hearing about your fully recover and very happy too because of your expansion thoughts. keep going and dont overexhaust too much!
    Sorry for my english im not native speaker, and go on man! You do really good work 🙂

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  4. Thank you for the amazing work you’ve done! It’s very brave of you to overcome your anxiety to write your weekly contents here. Stay well and best wishes!

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